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New idea 05 Nov 2014
May I suggest an addition to this technote. I had an experience trying, unsuccessfully to remove a server from an EV site. After much frustration and investigation we discovered there were existing DTrace tasks configured on some of the Tasks. These were not visible at ...
New idea 17 Oct 2014
Since Exchange 2007 the relationships between Exchange Servers and the Databases ( and hence users) they host is becoming increasingly tenuous. EV's model of targeting an Exchange server for archiving is becoming increasingly anachronistic. The days when it was a ...
New idea 17 Oct 2014
After recently upgrading to EV 10 I really like the new HTML rendered Archving Task reports, Accessible from the button in the Task Reporting tab in EVAC. By copying all the report links to a group of bookmarks in the EV Admin's workstation browser they can all be opened in one ...
New forum discussion 17 Oct 2014
A customer with ~20,000 mbx,  has a major project to migrate Exchange 2010 to 2013, upgrade EV from 9 to 10 for Exch2013 compatibility, and migrate the 6 server EV farm to fresh hardware. As part of this exercise we would like to re-organise the vaultstores (For several techincal ...
New forum discussion 16 Jul 2013
As EV Implementers the conversation with the customer goes something like this. EV Implementer: "OK we are here to implement Email and / or File Archiving. You need to tell me what policies you would like to implement" The customer says "Well you are the archiving ...
New forum discussion 21 May 2013
I have EV9 FSA archiving data from a share which is a top level folder on a physical WIndows Volume. As part of a disk re-organisation the client needs to make a clone / san copy of this volume to a new volume, during which process, at least temporarily the drive letter could change. ...