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New idea 25 Mar 2015
LS, When we process data for our Client we send them the File Notes overview to let them know which files have problems. At the moment you can create a CSV per processing Batch. Could you please add this option  Regards Bart Ulendorp
New idea 12 Feb 2015
Ls, The reuse of tags is at the moment not posible whithout retyping them. We would like the possibility to create a tag template that can be deployed to multiple cases. Also the possiblility to add them to aexisting tag set would be nice. Regards, Bart Ulendorp - ...
New idea 11 Feb 2015
We have a lot of clients that want fast and insightful information about there review process. At the moment the best that clearwell has to offer is the export that can be done from the dashboard. We and our clients would like a way to customize the dashboad and export with ...
New idea 07 Jan 2015
LS, When running scanpst on a corrupt pst file a backup of the pst is created in the form of a .bak file. This .bak file contains a pst en is recognized by clearwel as such. Clearwell reconizes the conent as a pst and tries to process it. If the bak file isn't corrupt the email and ...
New idea 07 Jan 2015
LS, All the case that we do have a internal and external case name. So we us the / for splitting these names when creating a case in Clearwell. The creation of the case names with the / doesn't give a error or a message that the symbol can't be used. However the / gives problems with ...
New idea 27 Nov 2014
Hello Symantec, We are making a lot of productions lately and we have noticed that password protected files are being send to the IGC. Please make it so that password protected files cannot be produced via IGC because it's taking a long time. 3 minutes for each file is ...
New idea 26 Nov 2014
Hello Symantec, When exporting a production there at two options for date/time fields, together or separate. Unfortunately when selecting the "together" you have less options then when they are separate. Please make them equal or please add the following time date field ...
New idea 26 Nov 2014
Hello Symantec Our client mentioned that in the uk it's mandatory to have a parent document date for all items. Please add this field as a extra production field in Clearwell. Regards, Bart Ulendorp - Fox-IT
New idea 17 Oct 2014
Ls, We would like to have the possibility the remove a select group of custodains from filters via a acces profile. Our case is being reviewed by 2 parties and they do not have legal permission to see all the custodians, but do have permissions to see the ...
New idea 16 Jun 2014
At the moment you have to make a review profile for each reviewer and assigne the folder to a specific reviewer to monitor it's progress. Please make in so that when a reviewer/reviewers is/are assigned to a folder other reviewers can't acces the folder. At the moment it is to labor-intensive ...
New idea 05 Jun 2014
On request of a client i have made a review account in Clearwell. They didn't want the reviewers to have the possibility to create, move and remove documents from folders and the creation of folders itself. I have created the account with only allow viewing and allow tagging selected in ...
New idea 22 Apr 2014
Ls, Add this moment we have two review teams from different companies in one case. They can see each others placed item notes. Would it be possible that visibility of the item notes is profiles bound? That way they can both use the item notes without seeing notes from the other ...