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New forum discussion 22 Apr 2014
Hello, We have SFHA 6.0 installed on Solaris 10.  We have changed the hostname of the solaris server and hence I need to change the diskgroup id of a particular diskgroup. What will be the command or procedure for this?  I have enabled the newhostname using ...
New forum discussion 26 Mar 2014
Hello, I'm in the process of creating a test lab for VVR replication, hence do not require a mirrored SRL & DCM (as mentioned in the best practice).  The diskgroup to be replicated has only 1 data volume and 1 srl volume.  The data volume does not have any free space left ...
discussion comment 20 Mar 2014
unix_san commented on: SRL overflow.
New forum discussion 24 Feb 2014
Hello, We have a Disaster recovery setup of 2 node (solaris) cluster at prod and 1 node at the DR.  This setup uses VVR for data replication and VCS Geo-cluster for resource group failover (SFHA 6.0).  My query was regarding VVR, 1.  In case of async ...
discussion comment 04 Feb 2014
New forum discussion 03 Feb 2014
Hello, We are using VVR technology for replication from our PROD enviornment ( 2 node solaris ldom cluster) to our DR enviornment (1 node solaris ldom cluster) with Geo-Cluster configured.  My query is regarding the SRL log volume configuration.  What is the ...
New forum discussion 14 Jan 2014
Hello, We have 2 node cluster using SFHA 6.0 in a Solaris 10 enviornment.  We are using Solaris IPMP on a O.S level and MultinicB/IPMultinicB on the VCS level for IP failover for any network failure.     Can I configure the ClusterService service ...
New forum discussion 14 Jan 2014
Hello, I'm trying to cluster an application using SFHA 6.0 on a 2 node cluster on Solaris 10.  The application makes both inbound and outbound connection to other application servers.  The VCS cluster is configured with cluster service group and VVR service group (for data ...
New forum discussion 10 Jan 2014
Hello, We are planning to implement a DR solution using VVR for data replication and Geo-cluster for failover.  The production side consists of 2 node cluster (2 ldoms) and the DR consist of 1 node cluster (1 ldom).  On the production side we have 1 ldom per customer with a ...
New forum discussion 06 Jan 2014
Hello, Can some one please tell me the best and convinient method for cloning SFHA 6.0 installations across multiple Solaris Installations.  We have Solaris LDOM enviornment with multiple Solaris guest LDOMs.  For the Operating system, we clone the Vanilla O.S (Solaris ...