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New forum discussion 06 Jun 2012
Hi all,   I would like to know if this possible to get log file in specific location while executing msi file. I know i can run /L*V C:\FOLDERLOGFILE\FILE.LOG, but is there way to put this location inside msi so i don't need to put command line. I have tried to add two ...
discussion comment 23 Feb 2012
New forum discussion 23 Feb 2012
Hi everyone,    I am trying to uninstall SEP 12.1.671.4971 with command line (in corporate) Msiexec.exe /x "{87C925D6-F6BF-4FBD-840B-53BAE2648B7B}" /norestart REMOVE=ALL /qb-!. It uninstall fine (after enter password) but it just restart. I like to control restart ...
New forum discussion 24 Jan 2012
Hi All, Windows 7 64 bit. wise package studio 8. I have a msi, it installs and works fine. The issue i am running into, if double click on file (with specific extention. for example .xyz) on desktop (or any place outside the its program), it is showing error ".xyz is not a ...
New forum discussion 09 Oct 2011
Windows 7 64bit Wise Studio 8 Hi everyone, I am using Wise wrapper to execute MSI OR SETUP file. I am running into one weired issues and hopefully can get some right direction from you folks. All packages works fine through MDT, SCCM Deployment, Manual ...
New forum discussion 07 Jul 2011
Hi, I am using wise package studio pro 8 in windows 7 and window xp. i am using wisescript editor. I would like to know how to get total size of folder in MB. I am trying to run vbscript and it runs fine but if the size of the folder over gig, it just giving me some odd number ...
New forum discussion 27 May 2011
Hi everyone,   I am in processes of packaging Endpoint 12.1.601 to deploy on Windows 7 64 bit. I had ran manually and it installed and download new policy works fine. I would like to know end of installation how to suppress liveupdate status (i do want to run, but suppress ...