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New forum discussion 29 Aug 2012
Seems like a pretty obvious question, but I've run the Export Archive Wizard to export some emails into a PST expecting the emails to be removed from the users Ev archive - however they didn't get removed. Can I then assume that this function doesn't remove emails from the ...
New forum discussion 08 Jul 2011
We're running EV for email archiving and generally don't have any issues. That said I've recently created new policies to archive emails after 6 months, enable the VV and delete shortcuts after a week - the VV appears but the shortcuts aren't getting deleted from ...
New forum discussion 19 Oct 2010
I've created a mailbox policy which should delete shortcuts older than 3 years, however it doesn't appear to be applying. I've confirmed that I am in the correct provisioning group and that the mailbox policy is applied to this provisioning group. Is there somewhere locally ...
New forum discussion 22 Sep 2010
I've gone through and manually enabled everyone via the 'Enable Mailbox Wizard' however there are still a load of mailboxes which come up in the 'Exchange Mailbox Archiving Status' as 'Never Enabled' The provisioning group is set to 'Automatically enable ...
New forum discussion 12 Aug 2010
We've found that since importing users' PST archives thier mailboxes are reaching the limit due to the number of shortcuts/stubs being created. We have the option checked to 'Archive items until mailbox available storage reaches' - 10%, however this doesn't seem to be ...
New forum discussion 02 Aug 2010
Am I right in thinking that EV uses the BITS (http port 80) protocol and if so for which traffic (eg syncronising vault cache or copying PST for migration)? The reason I ask is that we have a GPO in place that throttles BITS for WSUS/Windows Updates and I assume this will have the ...
discussion comment 01 Jul 2010
New forum discussion 30 Jun 2010
We just started to enable mailboxes for archiving and found that some users get a strange experience where random emails get marked as unread. Any idea what causes these specific emails to get marked, and most not? EV8.0 sp3 (client and server)
New forum discussion 06 Apr 2010
We still appear to have an issue that when user's mailboxes are first enabled for archiving they get prompted for credentials. In the vault information log on the client, we get the following however you can browse to this location via IE without issue: HTTP ...
New forum discussion 31 Mar 2010
I understand that the maximum vault cache size is specified in the desktop policy as either a fixed size or percentage of free space at the point of client install. We went for 10%, but found this wasn't enough for some users so I have amended this policy setting to 30%. I assume that ...
discussion comment 25 Mar 2010
New forum discussion 25 Mar 2010
Am I right in thinking that the following PST file (which was 7Gb) finished its migration process at 23:15, or was the finish time when it failed to reset the read-only status (08:17)? PST Migrator Task Report File: C:\Program Files\Enterprise ...
New forum discussion 24 Mar 2010
Just started the first couple of users as part of our PST migration project and hit a few issues. The first user had a few smaller PST's (approx 500Mb) which the Migrator Task handled fine, but then there was a 7Gb file which run for so long that it got interupted for variuos reasons ...