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New forum discussion 13 Aug 2008
Hi all - Just recently started to get errors on a couple of servers (1 server has Windows Server 2003 and the other has Windows Server 2000 SP4) when doing backups over night, the message i get is that some files are being skipped, it started off as a few on each server but now it is up to 17 ...
New forum discussion 04 Aug 2008
 I have installed Backup Exec 12 on to our server - which has Windows Server 2003 with SP2 - however when i try to select and backup all items except for Shadow Copy Components on a couple of servers i get the following message "An error was encountered while attempting to ...
New forum discussion 30 Jul 2008
Hi all, i have just completed installing remote agents for Backup Exec 12 on my companys various servers however on 1 server when i tried to setup a backup job i was told that the installation had not worked correctly, so i have tried to uninstall then reinstall the agent. When i do this from ...
New forum discussion 28 Jul 2008
Hi all,   i am looking for some help/ advice as i new to using Backup exec software - so i apologise in advance if my questions seem basic.   I have installed Backup exec 12 onto a Windows 2003 Server and am now looking to set up some jobs. I am looking to backup ...
New forum discussion 24 Jul 2008
Our company is about to do an install of BE 12 on a fresh Windows 2003 Server machine with no previous BE versions on it.  We have a few licenses of BE Remote Agent for Windows Servers v8. So I guess my question is, Will Backup Exec 12 work with previous versions of Backup Exec ...
discussion comment 25 Jun 2008
New forum discussion 25 Jun 2008
Hi there sorry if this has been asked before   We have just recently purchase Backup Exec 12 and we are looking to upgrade for our current version whic his Backup Exec 8.6. Is this possible? If not will i have to install and another version of Backup Exec before going ...