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New forum discussion 06 Apr 2015
Our VM guy is asking if there is a way we can segregate the agentless backups from the production network. I may be losing it here but I don't see how I can set that from the Symantec side; I - of course - can pick my own nic but is is possible to pick a nic on the machine I am backing up.
New forum discussion 22 Oct 2013
We currently run B2D backups to external eSata drives that we take offsite, on a Windows 2003 physical box. We are migrating to Exchange 2010 soon and - of course I took for granted nothing would have to change on BE, TOTALLY my bad but still needs fixing ...
New forum discussion 14 Jun 2013
The "solution" in the KB below is useless as I am running it on a DC and there is no local admin....I run it as the domain admin....also tried my account - which is an enterprise admin - same error.
New forum discussion 29 Jan 2013
*sigh* So, I schedule a Full job for "every 4 weeks" on "Friday" stating "2/1/2013"....and the calendar/list says it will run 3/1/2013...@#%$...I change the start date to 4 Fridays before - 1/4/2013 - same thing. I change it to 1/1/2013...same 3/1/2013 ...
discussion comment 28 Jan 2013
New forum discussion 25 Jan 2013
*sigh* Now that I have to make seperate job for each of my 7 servers but it's a "group" I need to set a different start time for each box or is it smart enough to handle them all saying start at the same time? If different times, do I have to guess at how ...
New forum discussion 24 Jan 2013
I was entering Global Exclusions - we lost our BE2010 srv to hdw failure and I had to install BE2012 so have to recreate EVERYTHING from scratch and learn an enitrly new program, which I hate BTW - and I can no longer get to the "Insert" button to continue adding more. I see no way ...
New forum discussion 11 Oct 2012
Stupid question but my berain is stuttering I require an agent on the media server itself to back it up like my other servers?