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New forum discussion 08 Jul 2008
Hi all,   Some of my users experienced bluescreen when they are working with microsoft 2000 powerpoint or word. When i uninstall endpoint, no more bluescreen.   Bluescreen comes on as soon as they start some files or sometimes until they try to insert pics ...
New forum discussion 03 Jun 2008
hi all,i need to create a batch file to run the virus scan.. but i cant locate the file which i should execute in order to run the virus scan using a batch file.please kindly let me know which file to execute in order to start the virus scan manually.Thank ...
New forum discussion 26 May 2008
Hi all,i have jus changed some policies settings on SEPM and i need to update it to some notebook which is unable to connect to the server.Is there any ways to export the settings to a file and email the users to let them update themselves?Thank You.
New forum discussion 26 May 2008
Hi,I have a problem with Network Threat Protection which block me from sending email with attachments at times.The traffic log shows action as blocked, direction incoming, protocol is ICMP.If i disable the network threat protection, i will be able to send ...
New forum discussion 10 Apr 2008
hi all,i have upgraded my SEPM to MP1.. but how can i check whether it's successful?The version for my SEPM is 11.0.1006.103 but on client is 11.0.1000.1375.i remember 1375 is MR1 version.. MP1 no change?Thank You.
New forum discussion 26 Mar 2008
hi all. recently , i tried to install endpoint on client notebook but i notice the network threat protection is missing. how can i make it show?
New forum discussion 02 Mar 2008
hi everyone, i've tried to move my sepm from winxp to window 2003 but i got an error.i've backup the winxp SEPM database and try to restore it in server 2003 but failed.Please kindly help! ...
New forum discussion 28 Feb 2008
anyone knows what is truscan default scanning frequency?what frequency is recommanded?
New forum discussion 28 Feb 2008
it scan all application that uses network right?is it ok if i disable it?
New forum discussion 24 Feb 2008
Hi all,Currently i'm using SEPM on winxp but i need to upgrade to Windows Server 2003. Anyone knows how to do it?Thanks in advance.