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New forum discussion 12 May 2014
We have been running DS 6.x up to DS 6.9 SP5 on the same server for the last 5 years.   Recently we built a new server to specifically handle DS 6.9 SP6 and take advantage of WinPE 4 for Windows 7 imaging. On the new server, when I try to ...
New forum discussion 28 Jan 2013
I am trying to install an application to a Windows 7 x64 PC with a scripted job on DS 6.9 SP5.  The job runs the application's setup.exe file and when it finishes, the job returns as a successful install but the application never actually installs.  ...
New forum discussion 03 Feb 2011
I am imaging 7 HP ProBook 6550b laptops using a Windows XP SP3 image that I have been using for a few months.  After pushing the image to the laptop, I have a few drivers to install, one of the being the Qualcomm Mobile Broadband Driver - Gobi 2000.  After installing the driver, I ...
New forum discussion 20 Aug 2008
I have an image that I use in my test lab to create packages with Wise Package Studio. I have reimaged one PC with this image over 50 times in the past with no problems. Last week we had an issue with an SVS driver (fxls.sys) on our DS server which was corrected and then we upgraded ...
New forum discussion 25 Jul 2008
I am getting the following error when running a job: "Error 3 during Script Execution". Altiris' knowledgebase says that I need to upgrade Firm Copy to version 6.5, does anyone know where I can download it from? Thanks
New forum discussion 27 Jun 2008
I have packaged an application called Litera Change-Pro V6. I am trying to create a transform that loads the registration information but each time I run setup capture, I get the following error: Error while unpacking program. Code LP5. Please report to author. If I run the ...
New forum discussion 19 May 2008
We recently changed our domain and have re-configured our e-mail configuration on Notification Server, but we are still getting warning and notices sent to the old email address. Does anyone have any suggestions how to correct this?