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New forum discussion 26 Apr 2012
Our office recently upgraded from Symantec Antivirus 10.something to Endpoint 12.1. Had to do this because some machines run Windows 7 now. We weren't getting updates at all, supposedly we had some DNS issue which our network consultant fixed. I am just wondering if there ...
New forum discussion 07 Jan 2011
We have Symantec Antirivus Corporate installed on Windows 2003 SBS, version In our office we have 8 or 9 computers running Windows XP. While trying to get rid of a problem on one machine, the tech at Symantec noticed our virus definitions haven't been updated ...
New forum discussion 04 Jan 2011
Our office runs Symantec AntiVirus on Windows 2003 SBS that pushes out to Windows XP pro machines. Viruse definitions were last updated (at time of this message) on 12/31/2010 rev. 2. One of our users had a pop up yesterday (Monday) from Quick Scan that reported ...
New forum discussion 24 Nov 2010
We're using Backup Exec 11.0 Rev 7170 on Windows 2003 SBS. I don't have access to work on that machine, only access our network shared drive for stroage. I login to Backup Exec job monitor through Windows Xp Pro. The tape drive is made by Dell and does 200/400 gigs. We only backup ...
New forum discussion 19 Aug 2010
After a power loss (covered in this topic I have the tape drive ...
New forum discussion 17 Aug 2010
Not sure what to do here. We have Backup Exec 11d on Windows 2003 SBS. I had a UPS that said replace battery. After taking a look at the manual it says to run a test on it.. if the light goes out and doesn't come back on then everything is fine. Well, I mistakenly pressed ...
New forum discussion 10 Nov 2009
I am running BackupExec 11D. I have the software installed on Windows 2003 SBS and I have software on one Windows XP Professional. That one machine has access to login and cancel jobs, etc. On Sunday our network tech came in and fixed some DNS issues on the server and swapped out a ...
discussion comment 05 Nov 2009
New forum discussion 04 Nov 2009
We have BackupExec 11D running. I've set it up to email a few people upon Successful Job. One day for some reason it stopped emailing us. I went into the software and noticed the emails were unchecked. I rechecked them off and now when a job is successful it emails us twice. One right after ...
New forum discussion 10 Aug 2009
In our office we're running Backup Exec 12.5. We have one Windows 2003 Small Business Server . We also have another server, but it's only used to store files. We only have Backup Exec installed on one machine and on another machine the client used to setup and monitor jobs. We have a ...
New forum discussion 05 Jun 2009
Our office is running a Windows 2003 SBS from Dell. Attached to that is a Dell PowerVault and we are running BackupExec 11d. This unit is an LTO2 which is capable of 200G/400GB. We have daily backups which are scheduled Monday through Friday and start at 10pm. Our office closes at 5pm, ...