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New forum discussion 13 Oct 2012
hi, i need to create a  new policy for new users. before they dont have cd/dvd access now they want to access cd/dvd drive. i need a policy to monitor those new users how can i create a policy can u please tell the procedure in DLP symantec.
New forum discussion 22 Feb 2012
Hi , My client has a requirement that if it is possible to monitor the content on the user screen inside a browser. FOr example : If we have a web application that is running on IE, say if user opens a page that contains customer information i.e. its credit card number and account ...
New forum discussion 20 Feb 2012
Hi , I want to know if there is an Developers API available which we can use to change some policies, incident severity etc. Regards, YUsuf
New forum discussion 20 Feb 2012
Hi, I just have a query that if it is possible to have the csv lookup for some particular policy or policy group. Because I have a requirement where a response email alert to send to the supervisor of a particular department(policy group in Symantec DLP term) but the other ...
New forum discussion 07 Jan 2012
The vontu incident persister service is not starting and getting stopped automatically.I changed the DB Password but since then everything else working except this vontu incident persister service.I also tried reinstallation but dint work. The only thing that I fopund suspicious in ...
New forum discussion 31 Dec 2011
Hi , If a DLP Agent is in warning stage , will it be still detecting and reporting the incidents? I am not sure coz I dint get any incidents from the same agent machine since long , I am not sure if its because agent is in warning state. Also If i see in events of that ...
New forum discussion 27 Dec 2011
Is it possible to point DLP enforce server to another database? Also, Is it possible to see the database details (like ip, sid, dbname etc.) from DLP enforce server console?
New forum discussion 26 Dec 2011
Hi, I have a policy for monitoring credit card number in email that is working fine.But the customer wants that the user watching these incidents should not see the credit card numbers. Currently, I as admin when see details of incident I can see the credit card numbers as it shows the ...