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New forum discussion 12 May 2009
zaadss posted: Error 13
HI, I am getting error 13 on a particular client after it writes some 10 GB of data.I chked the bprm logs in the Media server and it says the below lines: bpbrm handle_backup: from client ndcsql156-bkp: FTL - tar file write error (10054) 11:19:11.485 [5892.4964] <2> ...
New forum discussion 08 May 2009
Hi, I need to add an media server's name with its corresponding IP in masters servers host file for resolution purpose,wats the procedure... I am aware of addning in it Windows but not in UNIX.As I am new to UNIX environment kindly request you to guide me all the ...
New forum discussion 07 May 2009
Hi, 1.I am getting the Error code 81 -Media Manager volume daemon(vmd) is not active in one of the media server,can you plz help me out in this issue??? 2.I am also getting the error code 196,which gets successfull when I run it manually.My concern is the same error gets repeated ...
New forum discussion 06 May 2009
Hi, 1)Whats the procedure for creating or enabling the individual required logs for the corresponding error codes? 2)If any error code occurs do we need to verify the Client or Media or Server side. 3)Frequently I experience the 13,14,24,54,71 error codes-which logs I need ...
New forum discussion 26 Mar 2009
Hi, Reg NetBackup Critical Technical issues, Apart from Symantec's Telephonic,Mail and Forum help,is there any kind of help in which we can get a immediate reply for our queries??? Is there any kind of chat option with Symantec or directly speaking with a Symantic person ...
New forum discussion 17 Mar 2009
Hi, Tapes are assigned to the required volume pool once the existing gets filled up, from the scratch pool.After the specific period the tape again returns to the Scratch pool. This is ok if its for daily backup.If we need to retain the tape in the same pool (e.g.,for monthly) ...
New forum discussion 17 Mar 2009
hi, Is all the certifications related to Netabckup are valid only for Max 1 yr?Does that mean that we need to do the same certification after 1 yr to keep it alive? Is there any other alternate solution?
New forum discussion 17 Mar 2009
HI, 1)One of the Media server connected one drive in the tape robot controls the robotic arm? Netbackup Media Servers connected to one drive in the tape robot but with no control of the robotic arm? What do ...
New forum discussion 13 Mar 2009
In windows its easy to select the Multistreaming and multiplexing option.What abt enabling these settings in unix/linux/sun Os? Where can we get the commands for these kind of issues,mentioning the scenario.I am aware of the Admin guide but it gives only the briefing of commands not ...
New forum discussion 13 Mar 2009
What is the way to check in which server(master/media) holds the policies through command line. In Gui we can see manually by opening the console in Win,what abt the Unix and Sun os
New forum discussion 12 Mar 2009
Wats the command to assign a tape to scratch pool in UNIX for NB 6.5? Thanks in Advance zaad