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New forum discussion 27 Jan 2015
Dear All, We have scenerio where symantec messaging gateway needs to filter and send email on local premises to sms server installed on local premises enviroment exchange 2010 sp2 messaging gateway -10.5-3 sms server centos 7 we have existing email ...
New forum discussion 10 Dec 2014
Hi All, as we have requirement to attach Tape drive lto 6  of hp   model “HPLTO-6-ULKTRIUM 6250 SAS EXTERNAL TAPE DRVIE ” with netbackup appliance 5220 interface 6Gb/s Dual Port SAS interface ...
New forum discussion 12 Jun 2014
Dear Experts we have setup netbackup appliance 5220 setup with replication  version 2.5.2  we want to install a tape library of hp auto loader HP MSL2024 1 LTO-5 Ultrium 3000 FC TP Library i should be through Iscsi connection or Fibre direct ...
New forum discussion 19 Jun 2013
Hi Experts, i am new to the Symantec Web Gateway Implementation i have downloaded the guide the password mention administrator  as username and password it is not taking i need some advice and steps how to configure ,it is on VMware and virtual appliance i ...
New forum discussion 27 May 2013
hi experts i am using nbu appliances ,and have exported the bppllist file for some reason when i ran it on tool of policy list parser it is giving me errors of run time for further analysis and references i am attaching the file and error shot i really appreicate ...
New forum discussion 20 May 2013
Hi Experts hope all are doing well I have setup Messaging gateway 10.0.1 as intial implementation with following details DMZ-- i will put it later 1Eth0- with local ip default spam filtering rules content policy for media n exe ...
New forum discussion 12 May 2013
dear experts i have setup 10.1 version of VM appliance symantec brightmail gateway i followed the standard process where fqdn name machine ip dns gateway i didnt give any static route installion is completed successfully but once i log ...