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Arellia Privilege Management Overview

Created: 21 Nov 2012 • Updated: 21 Nov 2012 | 2 comments
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What is privilege management?

The average enterprise Windows user runs with an administrator account. When users have administrator accounts:
- 1 out of 7 helpdesk calls are due to users corrupting their systems with unauthorized software
- Users are more likely to be infected by zero-day vulnerability exploits and malicious software
- They create legal risks when they install unlicensed software

Removing administrator rights solves these problems, but creates other issues. Standard Users cannot:
- Use common Windows utilities
- Install authorized software without assistance from IT
- Use many applications that require administrator rights

With Arellia privilege management you can enable least privilege rights for users and applications by:
- Discovering users with administrator rights
- Identifying those applications that require administrator rights
- Removing end user administrator rights
- Granting administrator privileges to applications when needed

The benefits of removing administrator rights are proven
- Up to $653 in cost savings per system per year when removing administrator rights according to Gartner
- Protection from nearly 50% of Microsoft vulnerabilities and over 60% of Adobe vulnerabilities

For some organizations and users, removing end user privileges is not possible. In this case, Arellia can still provide least privilege benefits to administrative user accounts by:
- Reducing privileges for commonly exploited applications, which limits the impact of attacks.
- Eliminating unwanted user-created administrator accounts
- Hardening critical applications and services so administrative users can't disable or remove them

About Arellia: Arellia provides solutions for privilege management, application whitelisting, securing local administrator accounts, and compliance remediation. Arellia products are integrated with the Symantec Management Platform and sold through Symantec.

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Thanks Dear

Very needful information with vidio.



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