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Data Mapping with Workflow Solution

Created: 05 Jun 2009 • Updated: 09 Sep 2010
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This 15-minute video helps demonstrate Workflow Solution's ability to map data from one data source to another.  Specifically, the example in this video reads in a list of software titles (and their associated prices) from a database table.  The end-user is then able to choose which software items he or she is interested in procuring.  Finally, we take the selected items, plus some additional information that was derived from the process (their username), and write it all out to a second and separate database table.  The key element here is to be able to map data from one source into a differently-structured second location, and the Workflow mapping components help us to do that quickly and easily.

Keywords:  SQL, Identity, Primary Key, Get Current User, Create Integration Library, Table Generator, Import Components, Grid, ASCII merge label, Multiple Value Mapping, Single Value Mapping