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Majority Approvals in Parallel Workflow

Created: 17 May 2011 • Updated: 13 Jun 2011
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In the most basic Workflow project, a person will make a request and a second person will approve that request.   But we often have to deal with more complex scenarios that require additional flexibility.  For example, in a change management process, a request is often routed to a Change Advisory Board (CAB) consisting of several members.  Typically each member of the CAB will need to analyze the request and either accept or reject it.  This part of the process is usually not considered "complete" until a majority decision (e.g. 3 out of 5) has been reached.  This video demonstrates how to use the Embedded Merge Component to wait for a configurable scenario to occur before advancing further into the project, for example waiting for 3 out of 5 CAB members to approve or reject a request before proceeding. 

NOTE:  the v7.1 project file ( that accompanies this video is available for download from this page as well.  Simply download the file, unzip it, and double-click the .package file to open the project in Workflow 7.1.

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