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Setting up your Onsite Backup storage server

Created: 04 Jun 2013 • Updated: 16 Jul 2013
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Symantec recommends that you enhance your Backup service with Onsite Backup.

This video shows you:

  • Explains what Onsite Backup is
  • How to choose a storage server
  • How to configure a storage server
  • How to use a storage server in your backup policies

More details about "Onsite Backup" can be found in the Help.


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This video will familiarize you with how to use our Onsite Backup service to enhance cloud-based backups.

Symantec recommends that backup customers use Onsite Backup with their backup account.

Onsite Backup enables computers, assigned to a storage server, to backup to a storage server rather than directly to the cloud. The storage server then forwards selected data to the cloud, based on backup policies. In most cases, cloud-only backups are reserved for mobile users.

To select a storage server, choose a computer that is: always available, not currently under heavy workloads, and has 2 GB of storage capacity available for every 1 GB of backup data. The additional capacity allows management of multiple copies and backup history. The computer that you choose must also meet the system requirements for storage servers.

Download the storage Agent from the download page, selecting Backup and then Storage Options. You may install just the backup agent;The storage agent; or both agents. It is possible for storage server to back up to itself.

To configure a storage server, you: Specify a storage path; then specify groups or computers.

With the storage Agent installed and configured, you can define backups to be saved only on the storage server; or to the storage server and then to the cloud.

System requirements and other storage server topics are documented in the online help and the FAQ. These and other resources are found using the "?" menu. Thanks for watching.


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