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SM B07: Managing Multi-Tier Application Availability and Orchestration with Virtual Business Services in the data centre or the cloud

Created: 08 May 2012 • Updated: 18 May 2012
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Today’s data center environments are riddled with dependencies and cross-dependencies that may impact recovery. Are you frustrated because you cannot guarantee the availability of the service even though you have protected each application in the service? Are you worried that the performance of your mission-critical applications might be compromised due to the lack of resources in a virtualized environment? Are you thinking of building a scalable architecture across sites that can be consumed as a service? In this session, you will learn about Virtual Business Services, a comprehensive solution powered by Veritas Cluster Server that transforms the way you manage multi-tier applications. Virtual Business Services can seamlessly orchestrate the high availability/disaster recovery of a multi-tier application, provide application-to-spindle visualization, and perform an ordered start/stop of all application components in a coordinated manner. Virtual Business Services enables you to put your disaster recovery site to full use, running lower priority services while standing by for disaster recovery of your mission-critical applications. With advanced health monitoring capabilities, Virtual Business Services gives you the confidence to exceed your performance and availability objectives across physical and virtual environments (whether UNIX, Linux, Windows, VMware or Hyper-V) within the data center or in the cloud! The future of a dynamic data center starts (and ends) with Virtual Business Services.

Presenters: Ranga Rajagopalan, Niclas Blaback