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ST B07: Beyond Mobile Management - The Complete Solution to Enterprise Mobility

Created: 20 Nov 2012 • Updated: 28 Nov 2012
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Presenters: Jon Kuhn (Symantec), Dr. Christoph Goeth (HILTI)

By 2014 analyst predictions show that we'll have almost one billion connected mobile devices participating in our enterprise networks. By 2015 our employees will have two or more of these personally owned devices connected to our networks. This marks a dramatic shift away from strictly controlled and closely managed IT-provisioned PCs. If you're managing endpoints, mobile devices, applications, or security today, you need to know how to plan and respond to this imminent future. In this session, you will learn how Enterprise Mobility Management is going beyond MDM to help make a future bring-your-own-device world not only possible, but safe, secure, and productive—and you'll see Symantec's roadmap for Enterprise Mobility Management and Security.