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Storage Foundation HA 6.1: Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS) Support

Created: 17 Dec 2013 • Updated: 03 Jan 2014
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This video will demonstrate the Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS) feature integrated in the Storage Foundation HA 6.1 installer.

Flexible Storage Sharing enables cluster wide network sharing of local storage. Local storage can be in the form of Direct Attached Storage (DAS) or internal disk drives. The network sharing of storage is enabled through the use of a network interconnect among the nodes of the cluster. The feature allows network shared storage to co-exist with physically shared storage.

Flexible Storage Sharing feature integrated in the Installer impacts two functions. One is fencing configuration for storage foundation cluster file system HA and SFRAC, the other is the voting/ocr storage usage for SFRAC. For fencing configuration, shared disks which are exported and all local disks are not going to be listed. For voting/ocr storage creation, if Flexible Storage Sharing mode is chosen, only local disks of the nodes in the cluster are listed.

We'll show a demo about how the Flexible Storage Sharing impacts fencing configuration and how to utilize Flexible Storage Sharing to create voting/OCR storage with Storage Foundation HA 6.1 installer.

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