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Veritas Configuration Manager, Altiris HelpDesk, and Workflow

Created: 11 Nov 2008 • Updated: 09 Sep 2010 | 4 comments
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You've most likely heard about the Symantec "Open Collaborative Architecture" (OCA) initiative. Here's a practical example of what it can do.

This video shows an example of using Veritas Configuration Manager (VCM), Altiris HelpDesk, and Workflow to create a monitoring, remediation, and auditing process for server changes.

In this example we're taking disparate systems and integrating them together to create a SOLUTION for a particular business need. All of your systems need to be leveraged in the context of a well orchestrated PROCESS and create BUSINESS SOLUTIONS. When you think about Workflow... think about the business processes that exist in your company. Workflow enables you to bring your SILOED systems together and have them work in concert to solve BUSINESS PROBLEMS. This can change IT from being viewed as a cost center to being viewed as strategic resource and competitive advantage!

*You'll need to download the .zip... extract it to a local folder... and click on the .htm file. This will open the .swf flash video in your browser.

Keywords: VCM, Veritas Configuration Manager, HelpDesk, Create Ticket, Edit Ticket

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Can you post this flow, so we can repeat it in a customer demo or POC?


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This example requires that you have a VCM server, NS Server, and Workflow server. The video switches between the NS/Workflow server VM and the VCM server VM.

Do you have VM's setup in your demo environment? If so... send me an email and we can discuss how to get this setup in your demo kit.

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I don't see any links to download the .zip file you are refering too.

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If there is an ex-vcm developer out there who could write a driver, there could be some side work available for you.

Would also appreciate advice on how to get this done, if possible at all.


Doug Colson, CISSP
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GSP Team - Symantec Corporation
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