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Workflow Panels and Form Visibility

Created: 14 Jun 2011
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This video demonstrates how to create dynamic web forms in Symantec Workflow.  Specifically, it shows how to organize sections and groups of related components on a web form with panels, and then how to have a radio button selection change which panel is shown and which is hidden.  It also demonstrates how to use custom events to have a selection on one control disable or hide another control.  Using these techniques, one is able to more effectively present the appropriate controls and labels on a single form based on previous data entry and selections.

Keywords: visiblility, visible, form builder, disable control, server provisioning, dropdown, Post Form On Value Change, dynamic model, PanelComponent, Text Starts With, ThisFormData, bring to front, send to back, client-side scripting, DisableControlIfValue, HideControlIfValue, target component, value to validate, output paths, required, optional