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Vision User Conference Ideas

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My feet hurt from walking Vegas!  Anyone else?  I think it would be cool if we were able to all ride or check out Segways for a period of time.  That long hallway going down to the conference can be a long haul after a few walks a day!  Please Agree and vote for my idea!!  Thanks and Party On Vision!      
Suggested: 13 Apr 2010 by Tandra K | 10 comments - last comment 23 Apr 2013 by MarkWarmack
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Hi, My idea for the Symantec Vision User Conference is the following: An iPhone/iPad/Android/other mobile phone App, that users can download for their mobile phone! Important is, that ALL users should benefit from the application, including users that are unable to visit the conference! The App should at least have the following features: The ability for people that can't visit to follow what's going on! The ability to make photo's/video's on the conference that get auto ...
Suggested: 26 Aug 2010 by Fred2010 | 1 comment - last comment 03 Dec 2011 by reginald.penaverde
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I really enjoyed the whole event, but I would suggest two things about badges:   1. Company name is also important. I know there are some companies with large names, but I would like to have the company name printed bigger, so we can easily identify them. 2. Knowing where are you from. Altough we already known some peers and partners, I think would be very useful to have our country flag (full color, of course) and/or country name of the attendee printed on the badge. I think ...
Suggested: 16 Apr 2010 by Kit Fisto | 3 comments - last comment 17 Mar 2011 by silverfrog
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Status: In Development
Vision 2010 is all about what YOU, so we’re looking for YOUR feedback on a compelling closing keynote speaker!  After a great week of technical break-outs, hands-on labs and expert 1-on-1’s, what type of speaker would truly end the conference on a high note for YOU? (Afternoon of Thursday, April 15, 2010) Please take a look at the options in the comments below and VOTE for the one that would be most interesting to YOU!  
Suggested: 10 Nov 2009 by LeslieMiller | 25 comments - last comment 13 Apr 2010 by gv103
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Status: Partially Implemented
I think it would be great to have the following ideas implemented at the Vision conference: 1. Live streaming of the keynotes (and other events, possibly the User Group Challenge). Also record them for posting immediatley to Connect or a Symantec YouTube channel. 2. Have a live twitter feed where people both in person and watching live can tweet questions and comments.  The twitter feed can then be streamed/scrolled on a screen or the side of a screen during the keynote 3. Have some ...
Suggested: 13 Apr 2010 by ziggy | 2 comments - last comment 14 Apr 2010 by LeslieMiller
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At Vision there are number of “hot topics” that are of interest many of the Vision attendees. For example, topics such as: Alternate Delivery Models (Cloud Computing, Hosted Services, Software as a Service) Green IT  Microsoft Solutions (Win7, Server 2008, and Exchange) Virtualization (client, server, data center, storage, more) These topics cross a wide range of Symantec products and approaches. If a session spent at least 30% of its content discussing one of these ...
Suggested: 09 Oct 2009 by LeslieMiller | 2 comments - last comment 17 Nov 2009 by adude
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Las Vegas is filled with activities. However, we want to plan some fun evening activities for you to enjoy with your fellow Vision attendees. Would you be interested in attending these events? (Also, please add a comment below if you have suggestions for night activities or parties.)
Suggested: 08 Sep 2009 by LeslieMiller | 11 comments - last comment 09 Nov 2010 by Angelique28
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I'd like to see different locations offered for Symantec Vision in the future. Preferably I'd like to see Seattle offered.  I know my organization leaders are instantly skeptical of conferences held in Las Vegas and while I've been to a couple there I'd like to do something different. 
Suggested: 04 Sep 2009 by MBHarmon | 5 comments - last comment 06 Oct 2009 by TerryCheng
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One thing I found difficult during the conference was gaining contact detials of different Symantec customers who did not have or forgot business cards. What would be a great idea, would be if on the back of your ID Pass if there was a Quick Mark barcode with your business card details. If you wanted to share your contact details you could allow another attendee to scan the back of your ID Pass with a smart phone app. Then they would have your contact details.
Suggested: 10 Oct 2011 by Adrian McA
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Symantec would like to include a security track at the conference.  What specific products or topics you would like to see addressed?
Suggested: 26 Aug 2009 by LeslieMiller | 3 comments - last comment 14 May 2012 by ScottM 2
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