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Vision 2014 Las Vegas:


Opening Keynote - 9:00 am to 10.30 am PT (Day One, Tuesday, May 6)

Keynote - 11:45am to 12.45pm PT (Day Two, Wednesday, May 7)

Breakout Sessions and Hands-on Labs:

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New article 03 May 2013
Fact: Information is growing at alarming rates. Fact: Customers have challenges determining what data to keep and for how long. Fact: New regulations such as FINRA 10.06 and Dodd/Frank highlight the need to capture content beyond just email. This ...
New article 03 May 2013
In this session, you will see firsthand how Enterprise—Symantec's hosted archiving service—can help address mailbox management, email continuity, legal discovery, and regulatory compliance challenges. Attend this lab session ...
New article 03 May 2013
This lab is conducted using VM images of NetBackup 5220 Appliance and runs with latest GA or RTM code. Participants will be able to get hands-on exposure to the following: 1. Configuration of NetBackup 5220 as a master server (AIO) server using the ...
New article 03 May 2013
You’ve heard about NetBackup Replication Director. Through this hands on lab you can test drive it and experience for yourself this easy to use, powerful feature. During this lab you will: • Configure NetApp based snapshots using ...
New article 03 May 2013
Get hands on with Storage Lifecycle Policies Auto Image Replication in this session, which includes several different scenarios involving replicating backups between NetBackup domains as well as a chance to try some of the new features in the NetBackup ...
New article 03 May 2013
Explore relevant topics and trends in backup and recovery with a panel of NetBackup customers. Hear how they have implemented NetBackup technology to protect their virtual and physical machines, leveraged deduplication to take advantage of volume and ...
New article 03 May 2013
Did you know that organizations faced an average of 16 system outages in 2011?  How many people and separate tools do you need to get your applications, systems, and information restored in the event of a disaster?  This session will discuss ...
New article 03 May 2013
Do you want to learn from the leading Storage Foundation engineers and product managers?  If the answer is 'yes', attend this session and learn best practices for constructing a server and storage environment that gets the most out of ...
New article 03 May 2013
As more mission critical applications move to virtualized environments, making sure I/O performance is running at its best is imperative for high performing applications. By combining high speed cache storage with traditional storage, performance can ...
New article 03 May 2013
Business Continuity is more than protecting sprawling data, meeting Service Level Agreements, and stopping security threats. Continuity must be maintained while embracing virtualization, cloud and other new technologies. Disruption looms on all sides: ...