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Vision 2014 Las Vegas:


Opening Keynote - 9:00 am to 10.30 am PT (Day One, Tuesday, May 6)

Keynote - 11:45am to 12.45pm PT (Day Two, Wednesday, May 7)

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New article 03 May 2013
Applications and the data they utilize have become one of the weakest cybersecurity links for the enterprise, with poor application security allowing most successful attacks & exploits.  Today the applications and data reside both inside the ...
New article 03 May 2013
From customer records and personal information to intellectual property, safeguarding data and ensuring it is available when needed is critical to compliance initiatives, maintaining customer satisfaction and protecting brand reputation. While ...
New article 03 May 2013
Today, security in healthcare is about demonstrating you are compliant as it is about actually being secure.  That creates additional burden not only on IT but Compliance, Auditors - - Internal and External and HIPAA.  Complicating things ...
New article 03 May 2013
Experience is key! To create positive experiences for customers a CRM system can be a powerful foundation, but it needs to deliver real-time insight to facilitate immediate response to customer’s needs. CRM on SAP HANA unleashes the potential to ...
New article 03 May 2013
A NetApp Agile Data Infrastructure, featuring clustered Data ONTAP®, optimizes data management at scale and enables IT leaders to enhance service levels while meeting data growth challenges. Learn how clustered Data ONTAP®, together with other ...
New article 03 May 2013
Security has to be more than a protective shield – it must contribute to making your business run in more efficient, more competitive and more innovative, ways. And while security technology has evolved to meet growing threats, one of the major ...
New article 03 May 2013
In this session you'll learn how to use IT Analytics to understand your security posture, Which reports to watch and what to look for, Top KPIs, metrics that matter. Speaker: Anthony Flaviani, Ryan Stolte
New article 03 May 2013
Whether you love or hate the term APT, the reality is the same. The objective is to identify weaknesses at the endpoints and servers, escalate privileges on those systems, set-up camp, exfiltrate data and then cover their tracks. It is critical that ...
New article 03 May 2013
In this hands on lab you will learn how to protect intellectual property from being accessed by unauthorized users, protect your data center servers from zero-day attacks and malicious code, and to control change on critical servers. Speaker: Colin ...
New article 03 May 2013
The threat landscape is changing, and organizations have had to accept that it is not possible to prevent all forms of cyber-attacks.  This session will cover Deloitte & Touche LLP’s and Symantec’s key lessons learned through years ...