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Keynote - 11:45am to 12.45pm PT (Day Two, Wednesday, May 7)

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New article 30 Nov 2012
Get your hands dirty and learn how to setup a cost-effective and highly available environment for Hyper-V environment. Perform storage live migration without impacting applications. Recover Hyper-V virtual machines on secondary site after a disaster. ...
New article 30 Nov 2012
Windows data center is changing fast with the onset of SSD, Hyper-V, Azure, and  Windows 8. Adopt the transformations that are relevant to your business with confidence with Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability for Windows. In this ...
New video 30 Nov 2012
Presenters: Sharon White, Gareth Fraser-King (Symantec), Luis Gomes (CEBI Foundation) Learn about the exciting new features in Backup Exec 2012 that solve your modern data protection needs and hear directly from a Backup Exec 2012 customer.  ...
New video 30 Nov 2012
Presenters: Bill Felt, Gareth Fraser-King (Symantec) Please join us for this deep dive look into the key features and technology that will make managing the backup and recovery for your business critical applications easy yet powerful.  Backup ...
New article 28 Nov 2012
Ever had the feeling there's functionality in Server Management Suite that is being underused in your environment? Then this session is for you. Attendees will learn the features in Server Management Suite that most customers find indispensable ...
New article 28 Nov 2012
Software management is one of the costliest and increasingly complex areas of endpoint management. Learn how to deploy and manage software intelligently using Software Management Solution 7.1. Utilize the Software Catalog to track dependencies, ...
New article 28 Nov 2012
Public app store, private app store, push, or pull?  How can you get management and security agents onto your users’ devices quickly and easily?  What are the benefits of different agents and how do you distribute them?  Learn the ...
New article 28 Nov 2012
Workflow templates are accelerating the adoption of process automation. See the latest Workflow templates designed for SMP, CCS, DLP, SEV, SSIM, CSP and other Symantec Products.  All templates will be available on the upcoming Workflow Solution ...
New article 28 Nov 2012
Come check out all of the new and exciting features available in ServiceDesk 7.1 SP2. , Learn about the updated Change Management process, extensions to the Rules Engine and much more.  Get insight into some of the current priorities for future ...
New article 28 Nov 2012
You’ve got 1000s of backup tapes off-site. Your company is being sued. Legal just handed you a critical eDiscovery request they need to have done yesterday, and you have no time or budget to sift through all those tapes.    Attend this ...