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Vision 2014 Las Vegas:


Opening Keynote - 9:00 am to 10.30 am PT (Day One, Tuesday, May 6)

Keynote - 11:45am to 12.45pm PT (Day Two, Wednesday, May 7)

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Group Activity

New article 28 Nov 2012
Come check out all of the new and exciting features available in ServiceDesk 7.1 SP2. , Learn about the updated Change Management process, extensions to the Rules Engine and much more.  Get insight into some of the current priorities for future ...
New article 28 Nov 2012
You’ve got 1000s of backup tapes off-site. Your company is being sued. Legal just handed you a critical eDiscovery request they need to have done yesterday, and you have no time or budget to sift through all those tapes.    Attend this ...
New article 28 Nov 2012
Disasters strike when you least expect.  Total disaster recovery protection requires that you have secure and reliable way to recover your data when you need it.  The cloud is a great tool to deliver simple and effective off-site data ...
New article 28 Nov 2012
Leverage the new disaster recovery technology in Backup Exec 2012 to keep your business running in the event of system failure.  Backup Exec 2012 will make hot standbys of your systems in a virtual environment that can be quickly put into ...
New article 28 Nov 2012
Just as the PC platform matured and gave way to Windows Servers we now usher in the age of Virtualization as the common computing platform. Join us as we present data protection in the Virtual Age and how Backup Exec can help you leverage your Virtual ...
New article 28 Nov 2012
In the face of a rapidly evolving threat landscape and a changing IT environment, most information security teams acknowledge that it is not possible to eliminate all risk in their IT environment. However, by more tightly coupling risk management with ...
New article 28 Nov 2012
Symantec Security Information Manager helps organizations combat the latest and the most advanced threats by providing security intelligence and analytics, correlating up to the minute threat intelligence from the Symantec Global Intelligence Network ...
New article 28 Nov 2012
In this session , Symantec will present the factors influencing a preference to running your own Security Operations Centre vs. leveraging a Managed Security Service provider. In addition, Symantec will explore situations where a hybrid approach may be ...
New article 28 Nov 2012
Has this ever happened in your environment? An application administrator accidentally starts an application on more than one node in a high availability clustered environment? Your cluster is running out of resources because of the high-cost of ...
New article 28 Nov 2012
Do you want to learn from the leading Storage Foundation engineers and product managers?   If the answer is 'yes', attend this session and learn best practices for constructing a server and storage environment that gets the most out of ...