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This group provides a one-stop shop for everything Workflow—from example workflows and templates to videos and user forums.

This group is sponsored by the Symantec Workflow and ServiceDesk team. This means that any templates or videos posted to this group are either from us, or approved by us. We have put together hours of video, miles of documents, and spent months—no—years to bring you the best information on Workflow processes and integration. Join our group to get the basics, and stay with us as we guide you through your journey into complete process automation.

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New article 04 Apr 2014
  Component definition The Line component is simply a horizontal or vertical rule that can be placed on a form.  This component is typically used to separate sections of a page. Component icon Component ...
New article 04 Apr 2014
  Component definition The decision tree component allows you to create a tree of rules, using the same rules that you use in your applications normally. These rules are put together to form a tree, and at the end of each branch you can set a path ...
New article 02 Apr 2014
  Component definition The button component allows you to specify a button which performs some action when clicked.   To setup this component, first specify the path you want the project to follow when the user clicks the button. Then, ...
New article 02 Apr 2014
  Component definition The Print Button component is a form component used to present data in a printable format.  Component icon Definition of component input value or values [Insert a table that lists the name and description of input ...
New article 02 Apr 2014
  Component definition The textbox is for use in Composer. It uses AJAX to come up with possible options for completing what people are typing into a textbox. You configure the model in this component to suggest possible options for ...
New article 02 Apr 2014
TextBox Component definition This component adds a text box to a form. You can use this component only in a Windows or Web form builder component. At run-time, users type text into the text box, and the component creates a process variable of the ...
New download 02 Apr 2014
In response to a recent question on how to best use the FTP components in workflow. Here is a quick and dirty (15 minutes) version of a ftp download utility.   The workflow will prompt for credentials and a folder. At that point it will show a ...
New download 02 Apr 2014
Workflow does not allow onclick events for checkboxes. Here is a simple workaround to fire events based on the clicking of a checkbox. It will fire two different events based on the state of the checkbox as well.