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Symantec Control Compliance Suite

Enable Risk-prioritized Data Center Security Operations and Compliance

Control Compliance Suite delivers business-aware security and risk visibility so that customers are effectively able to align priorities across security, IT operations, and compliance. It automates continuous assessments and delivers a unified view of security controls and vulnerabilities. With Control Compliance Suite, customers are able to harden the data center, prioritize security remediation, enable the secure migration to the software-defined data center, and support continuous assessments for Cyber Security and Continuous Monitoring.

Data Sheets

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Symantec Control Compliance Suite Policy Manager

Track progress towards policy, risk, and governance goals and automate policy management.

Symantec Control Compliance Suite Risk Manager

Communicate IT risk in business-relevant terms to drive awareness, accountability, and action

Symantec Control Compliance Suite Assessment Manager

Simplify the evaluation of procedural controls with automated Web-based questionnaires.

White Papers

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Forrester Consulting: Read their Technology Adoption Profile, commissioned by Symantec

Read how IT decision makers can strengthen ties with the business.

Asset Discovery with Control Compliance Suite

A robust and easily managed host discovery schedule provides for continuous visibility of both authorized and unauthorized assets. This white paper discusses the technology and benefits of asset discovery with Symantec Control Compliance Suite Standards Manager.


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