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Controls Automation

Controls Automation: Automating your IT Risk & Compliance Program

Get greater visibility and control across your infrastructure. Symantec Control Compliance Suite addresses IT risk and compliance challenges through a holistic, automated solution that allows businesses to effectively manage security risks, and reduce the cost and complexity of compliance.
Research by IT Policy Compliance Group shows that by automating IT risk and compliance programs and utilizing controls automation technology, organizations have reduced their overall spends by an average of 50 percent, reduced their business downtime by 98 percent and decreased their incidents of data loss and theft by an average of 92 percent. Symantec Control Compliance Suite can help businesses achieve such results by allowing them to:
  • Automate the entire policy lifecycle
  • Assess the effectiveness of controls across your infrastructure
  • Reduce the audit burden with automated procedural controls attestation
  • Identify critical vulnerabilities across your organization
  • Automate the distribution of security awareness training content and testing
  • Gain visibility into your IT risk and compliance posture