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Our Approach

CEO Letter

Symantec’s mission is to make the world a safer place by protecting and managing information so everyone is free to focus on achieving their goals. It’s a statement that ties our business goals to a social purpose as we help people, businesses, and governments secure and manage their information-driven world against more risks at more points, more completely and efficiently than any other company. And it means we must evolve in order to meet our customers’ needs not just for today, but over the long term.
In January of this year, we shared our new strategic direction, which we call Symantec 4.0. It was the start of some challenging work for our team in which we asked the tough questions on behalf of our customers and partners and made even tougher decisions to ensure our employees could deliver on our promise to customers while returning value to our shareholders.
Our efforts are starting to yield results; our FY13 earnings showed organic growth of three percent, the best we’ve done in the past five years. We anticipate sharing many more successes as we refine our product roadmaps and go-to-market strategy. We also know that integrating corporate responsibility into everything we do will help us achieve our business strategy and deliver value for our employees, customers, and shareholders, driving us to operate with integrity, respect for the environment and a commitment to positive social impact across the globe.
Our renewed commitment to leading in corporate responsibility focuses on three key areas: Our People, Your Information, and The World.

Our People

Our commitment to corporate responsibility starts “at home.” Our success is fueled by the vision and innovation of a diverse and engaged workforce focused on delivering value for our customers. Learning is the bedrock of our growth as individuals and as a company. More than 2,000 leaders have been trained on Leadership 4.0, the management approach that is guiding our ongoing evolution.
Over the past year, we’ve reduced the layers of complexity within our organization to increase our ability to get work done and improve line of sight at every level of the company. But perhaps the most important thing we’ve done is put our commitment to employees into writing through our Employee Value Proposition. It’s the promise we make to employees, outlining what they can expect in return for building their careers with Symantec. It’s a promise we intend to deliver on and are committed to making progress against every day.

Your Information

Securing and managing our customers’ information-driven world remains a key goal for our business. We continually advance our performance on this front through innovation in our products and services, as well as by partnering with and supporting organizations involved in keeping the world’s people and information safe online.
In FY13, Symantec executed several product releases that advanced our leadership in mobility and cloud computing. For example, we delivered technology that adds security features to the mobile applications a user downloads and products that can simultaneously manage both personal and corporate information. We also undertook perhaps our most ambitious research to date on the daily needs of our customers, and as a result, identified ten areas where there is a strong need for innovation and future products. In response, we have already begun the rollout of a new offering strategy.
Our cyber awareness efforts continue to lead the industry. Symantec shares substantive research with the public on a regular basis that benefits individuals, government agencies, and law enforcement. Three examples of research are our first Digital Information Index, Volume 18 of our Internet Security Threat Report, and our annual Norton Cybercrime Report. We also delivered a number of groundbreaking programs designed to help educate new generations of responsible, ethical, safe, and respectful online citizens. Among those we’ve been proud to support with both our expertise and funding are a curriculum related to online safety by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and the “Growing Up Digital” initiative being piloted by the Victoria Department of Education in Australia.

The World

We extend to our partners and suppliers the expectations we place on ourselves. All of Symantec’s manufacturing suppliers have committed to comply with Symantec’s new Global Supply Chain Manufacturing and Fulfillment Code of Conduct. We also have revised our Human Rights Policy to more clearly state our position and add support for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
We have expanded our Global Environmental Management System (EMS), a system we expect to powerfully improve our oversight of key environmental issues and address both the immediate and long-term impacts of our products and services. The EMS clearly defines the governance structure supporting our environmental management priorities, leverages the findings of our most recent priority issues and matrix, and creates goal-setting mechanisms that account for stakeholder views and business optimization.
Other ways in which we continue to address the issue of climate change include achieving additional Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) facility certifications this year, bringing our total to 20, and signing the Climate Declaration, an initiative driven by our partner Business for Innovative Climate Change Policy (BICEP), which focuses on the great economic opportunity inherent in tackling climate change.
Our commitment to nonprofit partners aligned with our philanthropic focus areas also remains strong. In FY13, we donated more than USD $24 million in cash and software to organizations worldwide. We have made significant commitments to supporting science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), cyber awareness and literacy education around the world, particularly in ways that can benefit girls and women and contribute to equal opportunity for them. We are also pleased to have achieved a 41 percent increase in year over year employee volunteer hours as we give back to our local communities.

More to Come

Symantec will continue to redefine our business to ensure we’re the best choice for securing and managing our customers’ data. And we will continue to look at new and better ways we can give back around the world.
Our efforts have been recognized by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the seventh consecutive year, as well as a number of other influential lists including the World’s Most Ethical Companies. We saw progress on many of our goals and maintained our support for the United Nations Global Compact and its LEAD program, of which we are proud to be a founding member.
We are pleased with the progress made, but many challenges remain before us. We must and will do better when it comes to strengthening gender equity and diversity, reducing our environmental impacts as our operations expand, and continue to lead our competitors in staying ahead of new security threats in our complex world.
As you may know, I ended my four-year retirement to lead Symantec because I saw untapped potential here to achieve great things—with our business and with our clear and public commitment to social responsibility. I look forward to keeping you apprised of our progress, and welcome your feedback on our efforts to date via
The transformation we started earlier this year will be a revolution not just in the way we serve our customers, but in how we serve the world around us.
Steve Bennett
President, CEO, and Chairman
Symantec Corporation