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Our Approach

Stakeholder Engagement

Symantec’s stakeholder universe includes shareholders and investors, customers, enterprise clients, employees, community members, nonprofit organizations, regulators, channel partners, academics, and thought leaders.
For the first time, Symantec hosted a live Corporate Responsibility stakeholder call detailing the highlights from our 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report.
We understand that although our materiality analysis process presents a synthesized view of the overall landscape of stakeholder needs and interests, each individual stakeholder constituency has unique and specific areas of concern. We therefore engage with our stakeholders to develop a deeper understanding of how we can address their needs while furthering our corporate mission:
  • We ask employees to rate our performance as an employer and to share their ideas for how we can make our workplace truly best-in-class.
  • We survey our customers to better understand how they use our products, what challenges they face from security threats or inefficient data management and storage, and how we can deliver better customer service. Symantec uses focus groups, formal performance reviews, and customer feedback to gauge customer satisfaction and identify areas for performance, quality, and reliability improvements.
  • We reach out to our communities and talk to teachers and parents about how we can help address their online safety concerns.
  • We engage in activities and coalitions to promote changes in public policy that support our corporate responsibility objectives. For example, we are a member of Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy (BICEP), a coalition of leading companies advocating for strong U.S. climate and energy policies to spur clean energy development and reduce global warming pollution.
  • We participate in industry focus groups to discuss specific corporate responsibility challenges, develop solutions, and identify new opportunities to create sustainable products and services.

Feedback on 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report

Historically, employees have been the largest stakeholder group to provide feedback on our corporate responsibility reporting efforts. Results from the 2013 CR Report stakeholder feedback survey were no different, with employees making up nearly 90 percent of respondents. This is consistent with our ongoing focus on employees as a key stakeholder group.
Stakeholders rated our corporate responsibility performance as “Excellent” or “Good, but needs improvement” in all eleven categories.
We also received a fair amount of additional feedback on how we can improve our corporate responsibility performance. The most frequently cited suggestion was to offer more volunteering and employee involvement opportunities.
We welcome your continued feedback and ask that you complete our brief feedback survey. You can also email us at and visit our Corporate Responsibility in Action blog.