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Our People

Talent Management

Talent management comprises the attraction, retention, engagement, and professional development of our workforce. By cultivating and deploying our employees’ skills, we can drive superior performance amidst accelerating growth and competitiveness in the IT marketplace and maximize our retention of high-performing employees. Thus, we offer continuous learning opportunities at every career stage for our individual contributors, managers, and directors, with courses designed to leverage employees’ existing strengths while targeting developmental needs.
Symantec has employees in more than 50 countries. Our sites have a mixture of locally hired executives, as well as executives transferred from other locations. We focus on finding the right person for the position and see value in having a mix of local and international executives. While local hires understand the regional culture from day one, having employees work in offices around the world allows them to learn about different cultural norms and business practices. This multi-cultural understanding is vital for a global company like Symantec.

Opportunities for Training and Development

Symantec believes our employees are the company's most valuable asset. It is this belief that places employee development firmly in our employee value proposition, which is the promise Symantec makes to employees. We recognize the importance of developing individuals across all job levels and functions and offer learning experiences and world-class resources that are engaging, challenging, and relevant. Symantec provides all employees:
  • Core corporate programs which develop professional skills such as communications, change management, coaching, and more.
  • Offerings that support employees’ transitions through critical career moments, such as when they join the company and when they are promoted to a manager role.
  • Functionally-specific training such as sales, finance, and technical support.
  • Ethics, compliance, human rights, and security awareness training.
Symantec also offers high potential development, increasing our ability to differentiate and develop key talent. The corporate-wide program has multiple tracks, providing relevant development opportunities across every level, from individual contributors through senior directors. Full-time employees are identified for the program based on ratings they receive during their annual review. All employees have a fresh opportunity to qualify and participate each year.