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Your Information

Symantec is the world's information security leader, with over 25 years of experience in developing Internet security technology to protect customers' computers, information, networks, and interactions around the world.
The world is increasingly interconnected, and much of the vast amount of data flowing around the globe is personal and confidential information. The lure of this data has prompted an unprecedented surge in cybercrime activity such as identity theft and online fraud, enticing criminals with profitable and anonymous ways to exploit public Internet use. The Internet can also risk an individual’s personal safety if they don’t know how to protect themselves while benefitting from online resources, many of which can now be accessed through mobile devices.
Enhancing the Customer Experience
Symantec strives to give customers confidence in their connected experiences and to make doing business with us easier. In order to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty, we try to deliver a consistent experience to each of our customer segments. We are working hard to infuse our brand vision, mission, and values into every customer and partner interaction—in other words, to deliver on our brand promise of ensuring confidence in a connected world. Through these actions, we build trust and loyalty among our customers, create a competitive edge, and develop a unique status in the marketplace. To learn more about our approach, read about our customer-driven philosophy.