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Symantec Data Center Security: Server & Server Advanced

Making Server Security Simpler

Symantec Data Center Security: Server & Server Advanced allows organizations to secure their physical and virtual servers, and to evolve their data center security architectures as they build out software defined data centers. Data Center Security provides the most comprehensive and stringent set of security controls for the server environment to help meet an organization’s security and compliance requirements.

Key Features

Virtual Infrastructure Protection

  • VMware NSX™ platform extensibility with Service Composer integration: Automated provisioning and configuration of security virtual appliances (SVA), and orchestration of policies to protect server virtual machines without in-guest agents, e.g. agentless anti-virus.
  • Protect and Monitor vSphere: Leverage out-of-the-box policies based on the latest VMware vSphere® hardening guidelines, to protect the virtual environment - at the VMware vCenter™ management server and across hypervisors.

Prevention Strategies for Physical and Virtual Servers

  • Application Whitelisting and Protected Whitelisting: Discover applications via system inspection for creating default-deny policies, or allow applications to run in a restricted sandbox.
  • Targeted Prevention Policies: Respond to server incursion or compromise immediately with quickly customizable hardening policies.
  • Granular Intrusion Prevention Policies: Protect against zero day threats and restrict the behavior of approved applications even after they are allowed to run with least privilege access controls.
  • File, System and Admin Lockdown: Harden virtual and physical servers to maximize system uptime and avoid ongoing support costs for legacy operating systems.

Detection Strategies for Physical and Virtual Servers

  • File Integrity Monitoring: Identify changes to files in real-time, including who made the change and what changed within the file.
  • Configuration Monitoring: Identify policy violations, suspicious administrators or intruder activity in real-time.

Better Support

  • Broad Platform Support: Monitor and protect Windows and non-Windows based platforms including Linux®, AIX®, Solaris®, and HP-UX®.
  • Centralized Management: Simplify administration of heterogeneous systems with real-time visibility into events and graphical reporting capabilities, as well as integration with VMware Networking and Security consoles
  • Integration with IT GRC Solutions: Supported integration with Symantec Control Compliance Suite for unified assessment and monitoring of infrastructure and information

Key Benefits

  • Enforce server protection strategies without requiring foreknowledge of complex server applications.
  • Stop zero-day exploits and targeted attacks on servers with targeted prevention policies.
  • Secure legacy systems and mitigate patching requirements by hardening the OS and sandboxing applications.
  • Make security responsive to new software defined data center architectures — controls and policies follow servers across the virtual infrastructure.
  • Provide real-time visibility and control into compliance, in a single real-time monitoring and prevention solution.
  • Achieve complete protection for vSphere leveraging out-of-the-box policies based on the latest vSphere hardening guidelines.


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