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Symantec Data Loss Prevention

Discover, monitor and protect your confidential data

Symantec Data Loss Prevention software is a comprehensive, content-aware solution that discovers, monitors, and protects confidential data wherever it is stored or used – across network, storage and endpoint systems.

Data Loss Prevention Overview


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Exact Data Match Exclusion for Known Items

Jerry DeSanto | Apr 17, 2014 10:59:32 AM

I need a solution I know the Symantec DLP can idenify incidents from exact data matching for data in motion.  However, I do not know a way to  exclude incidents that match an EDM listing.   Specifially I have a list of 1000 numerical items that look like credit card numbers but...

Community Spotlight

Create Remote IDM Using Copy of RDX Files

In some enterprise environment, the sensitive documents that needs to be protected by IDM, are locate in some kind of restricted area. The DLP Enforce cannot access these files logically/physically, or have no rights to access these files. Under such scenario, how can we create a remote IDM? The solution/workaround for this kind of scenario is to install...

Posted: Apr 9, 2014 7:01:18 AM


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