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Database Management and High Availability

Fast Failover
As demands on IT increase, cost pressures continue and new technologies result in new complexities. To address these challenges, Symantec provides a powerful, yet simple toolset to dramatically improve database availability, resiliency and operational efficiencies. With Symantec, you can manage the availability and storage for your mission-critical databases and applications. A few examples include the world’s largest telecommunications companies and financial institutions who rely on us to deliver seamless, highly resilient services to their end users using Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC and Cluster File System High Availability.

Enhanced Storage and Database Management

  • Mix and match heterogeneous storage resources with our storage-agnostic Dynamic Multi-Pathing (DMP) feature
  • Increase utilization with our integrated compression, deduplication and SmartTier technologies
  • Optimize storage and database management with thin provisioning and thin reclamation of storage

24x7 Availability

  • Improve database availability and minimize downtime by detecting application failures within seconds
  • Reduce complexity by automating multi-tier application availability and disaster recovery using a single tool across platforms, physical or virtual
  • Automate disaster recovery and meet your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
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Effective Scalability

  • Provide fast failover for Single Instance Oracle with concurrent access to data across all nodes in a cluster
  • Ease the management and reduce storage needs of pre-production deployments through database cloning
  • Improve performance for mixed workload (OLTP and DW) environments

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Maximum Agility

  • Centralize visibility and control, and automate storage and availability operations
  • Implement policy-based resource allocation
  • Migrate storage non-disruptively across vendors and platforms