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Symantec Backup Exec Small Business Edition

Umfassende Backup- und Wiederherstellungslösung für Kleinunternehmen

Symantec Backup Exec Small Business Edition gibt vielbeschäftigten Unternehmen das Vertrauen zurück. Mit der Lösung lässt sich eine umfassende Datensicherung zuverlässig in weniger als zehn Minuten und mit nur drei einfachen Schritten einrichten. In einem einfachen und doch umfassenden Paket, das sich in Millionen von Installationen weltweit bewährt hat, erhalten Unternehmen eine Komplettlösung für Datensicherung, Systemwiederherstellung und Disaster Recovery.


Backup Exec 2010 - Protect More, Store Less, Save More!

Join Pat Hanavan, VP, Backup Exec Product Management and learn how the latest features in Backup Exec 2010 can provide unique benefits to your organization. From integrated deduplication and archiving to new first-to-market virtual application protection.January 25, 2010



Prepare for Disasters Before They Occur

Disasters come in many forms: viruses, hacker attacks, or terrorist attacks. Any one of these can completely take down an organization’s IT abilities. The result of an organization’s disabled IT operation includes lost revenue, a drop in the company’s stock price, regulatory penalties, and the loss of customers to competitors. June 30, 2006


Surviving a Business Disruption

Small businesses can stay up and running in the event of a natural disaster, which can cause system failures or IT disruptions. Taking the time to approach the possibility of a system failure can mean the difference between locking up and reopening following a disaster. This podcast discusses what you can do to avoid costly disruptions.
February 19, 2008


Planning for a Quick Recovery

You shouldn’t have to think about disasters causing you to lose valuable resources and data; however, the reality is that the risk of unforeseen circumstances and disruptions to IT systems is always present. This podcast discusses what you can do to quickly and effectively recover your business’ systems in the event of a disruption. February 14, 2007


Developing a Recovery Plan

Disaster recovery is a topic that many business and organizations do not consider carefully; however, developing a disaster recovery plan now could save your business money and time—and possibly the business itself—in the long run. April 13, 2006


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