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Symantec Patch Management Solution powered by Altiris technology

Patch Management Solution ermöglicht die zentrale Verwaltung und Verteilung von Software-Updates. Die Lösung automatisiert zudem die Erkennung von Sicherheitslücken für eine Vielzahl von Betriebssystemen und Anwendungen anderer Hersteller (Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Oracle, Mozilla, Google und viele andere) und vereinfacht die Beseitigung dieser Schwachstellen.


Symantec Patch Management Solution from Symantec

The Symantec Patch Management Solution is a key component of the Symantec Client Management Suite for PC life cycle management. The Patch Management Solution can assist organizations in meeting their security needs by automating the detection and facilitating the remediation of security vulnerabilities for multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, SUSE) and third party Windows applications (Microsoft updates, Adobe applications, Java Runtime, common browsers and plug-ins, etc.).



IT Analytics 7.1 for Altiris IT Management Suite from Symantec

IT Analytics, part of Altiris IT Management Suite from Symantec, provides advanced reporting and analytics by allowing customers to extract maximum value from the data contained within their Symantec CMDB(s) and dramatically reduce the time in obtaining information to make informed decisions.

Don’t eXPire – Simplify Your Windows Migration Solution

The support expiration for Windows XP isn’t the only reason to consider a migration to Windows 7 or Windows 8. In addition to enhanced security and greater application and hardware support, you can expect to increase end-user productivity, improve connectivity, and lower your PC support costs. This solution brief outlines the Symantec approach and best practices to migrating from XP to Windows 7 or Windows 8.