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Fribourg Canton

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The Fribourg Canton in Switzerland is one of the country’s administrative regions, providing citizen services such as administration, police, hospitals and schools. Having centralized its information backup services some years ago, the Fribourg administration opted to switch to Symantec NetBackup 7 for the protection of its virtual environments and to allow the removal of duplications and backup on disk. NetBackup 7 also provides a simple solution for dealing with the Canton’s increasing information volume, by optimizing backup and enabling the integration of Symantec Enterprise Vault. This technology, which enables little-used information to be moved to a low-cost storage system, was initially used for file servers by the Fribourg administration, and is currently being extended to deal with email archiving by the end of the year. Storage space required, network traffic, and the costs of storage have therefore been significantly reduced.

Installierte Produkte

Enterprise Vault

Anwenderbericht im Detail

Installierte Produkte

Enterprise Vault


Website: Fribourg Canton
Industry: Public Sector
Headquarters: Fribourg, Switzerland
Number of users: 10,000 end users

Verwandte Lösungen



  • End users: 10,000
  • Servers: HP Proliant, HP Blade Systems
  • Operating systems: Microsoft Windows 2003/2008, Linux, Unix, Mac OS
  • Applications: SAP on Oracle, Oracle databases, Windows SQL, Windows Exchange, VMware Technology Environment