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Symantec Desktop Email Encryption

End-to-End email encryption for laptops and desktops

Symantec Desktop Email Encryption provides an end-to-end email encryption solution that automatically encrypts and decrypts email directly between clients without the need to log into a third-party website. Email remains encrypted on internal mail servers or when email is outsourced to the cloud.
Mobile Encryption. Extend the ease and comfort of email encryption to your users' mobile devices.

Customer Success

Athens International Airport S.A.

Athens International Airport is continually innovating ensuring the 16 million passengers that travel through the major European hub every year receive a consistently reliable and secure experience. Using PGP encryption technologies from Symantec, AIA is defending confidential data throughout its operations, encrypting email messages, shared files, data on laptops, and other mobile endpoint devices.  View Story

Atea Sverige AB

Atea is confidently expanding its business with Symantec. This leading, multi-billion dollar Swedish IT infrastructure provider has standardized on a comprehensive suite of Symantec solutions—website security, cloud solutions, and encryption—to secure and manage client environments. View Story

CapitalSource Inc.

CapitalSource Inc. turned to Symantec for solutions that protect its information, infrastructure, and transactions. Results include eDiscovery in hours instead of days or weeks, hundreds of gigabytes reclaimed by automated email retention and deletion enforcement, and a broad array of risks successfully minimized to date by encryption and protection solutions. View Story


The security of the Slovakian Republic’s public finances is safely in the hands of Symantec. DataCentrum standardized on an integrated portfolio of Symantec endpoint security and encryption technologies. The solution protects critical government fiscal information, mitigates new risks, and lowers the cost of government IT infrastructure security. View Story

Lansky Ganzger & Partner

Lansky, Ganzger & Partner standardized on a comprehensive array of integrated, best-in-class Symantec technologies to meet its most pressing information security challenges.  View Story