Dramatic increases in user flexibility and mobility, combined with increased adoption of desktop virtualization, is challenging IT managers’ ability to control and manage end-user desktops effectively. Get on-demand, personalized workspaces for all of your users, plus increased control over licenses and cost with Endpoint Desktop Virtualization solutions from Symantec.
Read the blog and learn how a centrally hosted desktop virtualization solution can reduce your costs.
Desktop Virtualization Solutions

Symantec Endpoint solutions provide:

  • Dynamic workspace creation through on-demand delivery of applications and other assets to any endpoint, based on user and role.
  • Application virtualization to eliminate conflicts and system corruption, allowing portability of your applications, profiles and data.
  • Rule-based management and automated re-harvesting to ensure license compliance, reduce costs and simplify management.

Recommended Products for Endpoint Desktop Virtualization

Workspace Virtualization
Reduce helpdesk costs, improve system integrity, simplify migrations, and increase overall user productivity with portable, virtualized applications.

Workspace Streaming
This desktop virtualization solution offers on-demand delivery of applications to physical and virtual endpoints to enable anywhere, anytime productivity that is independent of the device, and ensures access control and license compliance.

Workspace Corporate/Remote
Maximize user productivity and shared resources in highly fluid environments, like hospitals, with a powerful desktop connection broker that incorporates fast user switching, seamless roaming, location awareness and single sign-on.

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