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Business Challenge: Records Retention, Discovery & Management


Retain email and other records in accordance with corporate policies and government regulations to meet corporate governance and legal requirements.


  • Storing and archiving unstructured discovery data according to company policies
  • Simplifying the search for e-discovery and preservation of unstructured data from email, file shares, Microsoft SharePoint, IM, and more
  • Enabling IT or Legal to quickly suspend retention and disposition policies when litigation is anticipated without copying massive volumes of discovery data
  • Keeping costs of regulatory fines or discovery data sanctions down
Records Retention, Discovery, & Management
Capture, classify, and store email, instant messages, SharePoint content and files to enforce retention policies, simplify discovery data, and reduce storage costs and management overhead.
  • Enforce corporate retention and disposition policies
  • Implement a defensible legal hold on unstructured information quickly and efficiently
  • Reduce the risk and impact to IT of internal investigations and litigation by enabling legal users to search for and analyze information
  • Reduce costs by producing smaller, more-relevant data sets to third parties during discovery data process

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