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08/08   Forbes: Tools To Hack Android Phones Are Getting Easier To Use

08/07   CNN Money: Hey, cool! My job is BYOD!

08/01   SC Magazine: Symantec Endpoint Protection v12.1.2

07/29   Information Systems Security: Enabling Pain-Free SSL Certificate Management

07/22   The Var Guy: Give Businesses a Booster Shot with Security Upgrades

07/15   Network World: Products of the week 7.15.13

07/15   DCIG: Data Insight 4.0 Lights Up Dark Data Putting Organizations in Control of their Unstructured Data

07/15   Forbes: Stephen Gillett's Rise From CIO Of Starbucks To COO Of Symantec

07/02   Dark Reading: 3 Steps For SMBs To Tame Their Mobile Threats

07/01   Mobile Enterprise: MDM or MAM

07/01   Corporate Compliance Insights: Predictive Coding & The “Risk-averse” Attorney – Top 3 eDiscovery & Compliance Use Cases (Part 1)

06/26   Reuters: Four-year hacking spree in South Korea blamed on 'Dark Seoul Gang'

06/18   Investor’s Business Daily: Small Businesses Say Technology Is Saving Them Money

06/18   ZD Net: Top-tier SMBs view technology as strategic differentiator

06/13   SC Magazine: Symantec Control Compliance Suite v11

05/24   The Washington Post: Small businesses: Stop thinking you’re immune to a mobile hack

05/23   CNN Money: New startups prime targets for cyberattacks

05/20   Manufacturing.Net: Building A Secure Manufacturing Infrastructure

05/13   Mercury News: Cyberwar games' used more by companies to thwart hackers

05/10   Bank System Technology: Don’t Break the Bank: Back up Your Files

05/10   Financial Times: Dublin’s Symantec a key cybercrime fighter

05/06   BusinessWeek: Cheapest Way to Rob Bank Seen in Cyber Attack Like Hustle

05/06   IT Today: Get the Most from the Cloud (without the Hidden Costs)

04/30   MSP Mentor: MSPs and Symantec: Building a More Secure Mobile World

04/25   Network World: Enterprise mobility demands an innovative approach to IT organization

04/25   Yahoo! Small Business Advisor: Warning: Your small business may have already been hacked

04/23   CNNMoney: Cybercrime's easiest prey: Small businesses

04/16   CNBC: Are Mobile Networks Too Vulnerable?

04/16   USA Today: Q&A: Why cyberspies are targeting small businesses

04/16   brianmadden: Symantec is rolling out improvements to its enterprise mobility management offerings

04/16   SecurityWeek: Symantec Chief Aims to Reduce Complexity of Products, Be Easier to do Business With

04/08   Baseline Magazine: Storage Solutions Enhance Operations at Food Bank

04/08   Internet Evolution: Rice Mill IT Exec Grinds Out Emergency Tasks

03/28   Inside Counsel: New changes to Model Rules a wake-up call for technologically challenged lawyers

03/26   MSP Mentor: Jump Into Profitability with Symantec

03/26   Small Biz Technology: Top 10 Sins Of Data Safety (Infographic)

03/22   Bank Systems and Technology: The Cyber Stick-Up – Making Sure Your Endpoints are Protected

03/20   Security Watch: Infographic: Six Great Ways to Lose Important Data

03/11   Tech Digest: Knowledge is power when it comes to online security

03/11   Hi Tech Answers: Backup An Essential Part of Healthcare Organization’s Technology Strategy

03/08   Symantec CTO: Enterprise Security Still Needs Humans: Symantec CTO: Enterprise Security Still Needs Humans

02/28   Hi Tech Answers: Protecting and Securing ePHI a Top Priority

02/26   Bloomberg: Stuxnet Had Earlier, Potentially Explosive Version, Symantec Says

02/25   Wireless Business and Technology: Symantec Survey Shows Costs, Benefits of Mobile Adoption

02/22   Biz Tech: Review: Symantec Backup Exec 2012 Is a Recovery Solution SMBs Can Rely On

02/19   Silicon Angle: The Recipe for a Successful BYOD Policy [Infographic]

02/13   NetworkWorld: Symantec SSL certificates feature cryptography 10k times harder to break than RSA-bit key

02/08   Inc.: Your Employees Are Stealing (And They Don't Even Feel Guilty)

02/07   Data Center POST: To Keep or Not to Keep? The Age-Old Question of Information Retention

02/08   CSO: Insiders pose 'accidental' threat to business data, Symantec says

02/07   SMB Now: Online Music Seller Trusts Symantec to Protect Its Endpoints

02/06   Reuters: Exclusive: Microsoft and Symantec disrupt cyber crime ring

02/01   Investors Business Daily: Symantec CEO Interview: Steve Bennett Cleans House

01/31   SMB Now: The State of the Cloud - How SMBs Can Avoid Cloud Headaches

01/28   MSP Mentor: Making Mobility Work: Symantec and the Partner Company

01/28   Fox Business: Don't Lose Money in the Clouds

01/21   RCR Wireless : Reader Forum: Carriers, don’t overlook the bigger BYOD opportunity

01/17   CIO: 6 Hidden Costs of Cloud and How to Avoid Them

01/11   The Var Guy: Technology Food Groups: Balance with Endoint Security

01/11   MercuryNews.com: Java's security flaws prompt warnings to disable the software

01/10   CIO: Many Global Organizations Flub Electronic-Records Requests

01/08   eWeek: Security Differentiators for Servers, Laptops: 10 Best Practices

01/04   Electronic Discovery: Breaking News: Bad Faith Retention Policy Leads to Terminating Sanctions – Electronic Discovery

01/03   Converge! Network Digest: Understanding the Full Scope of the BYOD Opportunity for Carriers


12/29   Investor's Business Daily: Tech Security 2013 Forecast: Clouds, Rain Of Threats

12/21   Law.com: Defensible Deletion

12/12   IT Business Edge: Seven SMB Information Protection Predictions for 2013

12/10   Forbes: Is SMB Security Over Hyped?

12/07   Litigation Support Today: Following the Golden Rules of eDiscovery

12/05   New York Times/ CNBC: For PC Virus Victims, Pay or Else

12/04   Mobile Enterprise: Cybercriminals Going Mobile, Too

12/03   SC Magazine: "Changeup" cases climb as worm exploits AutoRun

12/03   Computerworld: Opus deploys Symantec solution

11/30   IT Business Edge: Performing Data Backup in a Virtual Environment

11/29   PC Mag: SMB Toolkit: Secure Your Business Website

11/14   Small Biz Technology: Delete Your Security Software and Upgrade To Hosted Security Solutions

11/14   publication: Finding a safe harbor: Defensible deletion and Federal Rule 37(e)

11/13   CRN: 2012 Best Companies To Partner With

11/12   eWeek: Symantec's Control and Compliance Suite 11 Cuts IT Governance Chaos

11/05   Ars Technica: A Fort Knox for Web crypto keys: Inside Symantec's SSL certificate vault

10/26   CRN: 3 Things You Don't Know About Symantec

10/05   Network World: Product of the week 10.8.12

10/04   Network World: Watch a 500-pound server rack tossed off an 18-story building

10/03   Data Center Knowledge: One Rack’s 18-Story Plunge to the Pavement

10/02   Redmond Channel Partner: Push a Server Rack Off an 18-Story Building

10/01   Small Business Computing: Symantec Launches Endpoint Protection 2013

09/28   vmblog.com: Shedding Light on Virtualization

09/27   eWeek: Enterprise Networking: Symantec's Backup Exec 2012 Brings Virtualization to Data Backup Process

09/27   Talkin' Cloud: Symantec’s New Direction: Fresh Opportunities for Partners

09/26   eWeel: Symantec Unifies Physical, Virtual, Hybrid Backups With Backup Exec 2012

09/25   SC Market Scope: MDM and BYOD: A square peg for a round hole

09/25   publication: Why Your Next 'Passw0rd' might not be a password

09/19   BankInfo Security : Re-Building the Infosec Team

09/18   Forbes: Stopping Cyber Paranoia

09/18   Investors.com: Company Data Crush Lifts Cloud, Shakes Storage Market

09/18   eWeek: Mobile Computing, Virtualization Increasing Data Center Complexity: Symantec

09/17   CIO.com: How to Manage Data Center Complexity

09/14   ecounselmag.com: Information Governance Creates Opportunities in Asia

09/10   CIO.com: Mitigating the risks of BYOD with mobile application management

09/05   Bank Systems and Technology: Don't Be Afraid of Mobile Banking Apps

09/07   Wired: Sleuths Trace New Zero-Day Attacks to Hackers Who Hit Google

09/06   CRN: When IT Security Goes Awry, Whose Head Will Roll?

09/04   ITBusiness Edge: Moving to the Cloud: Where, When and How to Start

08/16   CRN: Symantec's Certificate Authority 'Vault': $11M Worth Of James Bond-Like Security

08/13   SearchDataBackup: Symantec hopes to quiet Backup Exec 2012 upgrade complaints

08/03   Bank Info Security: Symantec's CISO on Security Leadership

08/01   SC Magazine: Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 v12.1

07/30   VMBlog: Symantec Infographic - The Virtualization Arena for Small and Medium Businesses

07/18   SMB Now: Getting the Most out of Your SMBs Information

07/11   CIOInsight: Security Slideshow: Data Security, Storage: Businesses Struggle With High Costs

07/05   Network World: The enterprise mobility revolution by the numbers (and the security implications)

07/05   CIO: 5 Steps for How to Better Manage Your Data

07/02   SC Magazine: Case study: Malware checkout

06/20   CRN: Symantec Group President: Security Partners Need To Change Their Dialogue

06/26   Network World: Symantec: World has 2.2 zettabytes of business data that costs $1.1 trillion to store and secure

06/25   The New York Times Boss Blog: This Week in Small Business: 10 Billion Video Ads

06/20   eWeek: Small Businesses at Risk from Online File Sharing: Symantec

06/14   CNBC: Recession Spawns New Breed of 'Accidental' Entrepreneurs

06/12   Small Biz Technology: Is Your Vendor Really Interested In Your Success or Faking Small Biz Love?

06/05   ABC Action News: Internet alert: New computer virus dubbed 'Flame' has the ability to cause havoc on the web

06/05   CNN: Decoding the 'Flame' virus

05/23   SYS.CON Media: Using Symantec’s Backup Exec.Cloud To Protect Your Small Business

05/22   The VAR Guy: Symantec Channel Chief: Simplicity, Consistency Goals

05/21   Information Systems Security: Information Robbery: The 2011 Internet Security Threat Report

05/17   CRN: Symantec Channel Sales VP: Specialization And Teaming Equal Success In Security

05/16   Forbes: Cloud Computing and Mobile Processing Saves Small Business

05/16   Fox Small Business: Small Businesses Embrace Disaster Preparedness

05/14   Mercury News: Malicious online ads target consumers

05/14   eWeek: Mobility, Cloud, Virtualization Gain Traction Among Small Businesses: Symantec

05/14   SAP: How Do You Protect Information In & From the Cloud?

05/12   Search Data Backup: Symantec extends integrated backup appliance strategy

05/11   SecurityWeek: Symantec's CISO Talks Security With SecurityWeek

05/09   Becker's Hospital Review: 5 Best Practices for Improving Data Security

05/09   Forbes: Symantec Ready To Surf The Win 8 Wave To $22

05/08   Network World: IT Security & Network Security News & Reviews: Small-Business Security: Five Tips to Help Protect Against Cyber-Threats

05/07   Info Stor Magazine: Symantec's New Backup Appliances Aim for Unified Data Protection

05/07   eWeek: IT Security & Network Security News & Reviews: Small-Business Security: Five Tips to Help Protect Against Cyber-Threats

05/02   Becker's Hospital Review: 8 Tips for Strengthening Mobile Heath Security

05/01   Forbes: Flashback Malware Worth Up To $10,000 A Day To Criminals

04/30   Network World: The CFO's role in the cloud question

04/26   Internet Retailer: Symantec adds Norton branding to the VeriSign seal

04/24   Entrepreneur: 7 Tips for Upgrading IT Security

04/19   Network World: Network World

04/04   Gov Info Security: 3 Tips to Ensure Cloud Security

04/03   Baseline: CISO Warns Against Security Complacency

03/26   SC Market Scope: Memo to Chicken Little: The sky is not falling

03/15   smallbiz technology: The Dangers of the Lost Smartphone: 5 Steps Your Small Business Can Take To Protect Itself

03/14   CIO Update: The War on Cybercrime is Not Lost

03/14   CBR: Symantec introduces new backup applications

03/13   CBR: Symantec introduces latest version of Data Insight

03/12   NetworkWorld: Products of the week 3.12.12

03/03   InfoStor: Symantec Targets VMware SAN Management with Veritas Dynamic Multi-Pathing

03/01   Forbes: The Case For Shifting Your IT Security To The Cloud

02/29   ZDNet: Symantec partners with VMware, Salesforce.com on new security controls

02/28   ComputerWorld: RSA Conference: Symantec inaugurates O3 cloud-based single sign-on service

02/28   ZDNet: Symantec CEO: Companies must avoid 'lockdown'

02/27   SC Magazine: Protecting information today for a secure future

02/22   CSO: Symantec: Mobile Adoption has Reached Tipping Point

02/21   Forbes: Symantec's Steve Cullen Launches New SMB Initiative

02/14   SecurityWeek: Symantec Announces Update to Its Control Compliance Suite

02/02   IT Business Edge: Cloud: Reduce Network Complexity by Stepping Back from It

02/02   CRN: 10 Great Features Of Symantec Backup Exec 2012 For The Cloud

01/28   CRN: 2012 CRN Data Center 100: Part 2

01/26   The Street: The Street, Symantec CEO Tells Turnaround Tale

01/23   Network World: Mobile data: Are you carrying a suitcase or a safe?

01/17   CSO: Survey: Security Deployments, Training Reduce Cyberattack Wipeouts, Downtime

01/17   SecurityWeek: Symantec Acquires Cloud-Archiving Provider LiveOffice for $115 Million


12/15   CNN Money: Protect yourself against technology disasters

12/12   Mobile Enterprise: Can BYOD Help Improve Enterprise Security?

12/09   CRN: The 10 Biggest Storage Stories Of 2011

12/08   VM Blog: Symantec: 2012 in Virtualization – Fixing the Breaking Points

12/08   Information Week: How To Spot Malicious Insiders Before Data Theft

12/08   IT World: Stop insider data thieves: Forget profiling, keep an eye on the grumps

12/08   Wall Street Journal: Junk Email Falls Almost to 2008 Levels

12/07   eWeek: Symantec VIP Brings Two-Factor Authentication to the Cloud

12/07   SecurityWeek: Finding the Devil Inside: The Psychology of the Insider Threat

12/07   Notebook Review: Norton Internet Security (NIS) 2012 Review: Protecting Your Whole Family

12/07   CNET: Spam sinks to lowest level in almost three years, says Symantec

12/06   Baseline: Managing Mobile Chaos

12/06   Computer World: Symantec says spam levels fall to lowest in three years

12/06   CNET: Android's popularity makes it open target for malware, says study

12/05   CRN: Symantec Launches Standalone Mobile Assessment Service

12/02   Fox Small Business: Tips to Make Sure Your Website is Secure for the Holiday Sales Rush

11/30   Data Center Knowledge: Virtual Visibility: Why You Need X-Ray Vision to Back Up Virtual Machines,

11/30   SecurityWeek: Enterprises Struggle With Encryption Adoption and Management

11/30   SmallBizTechnology: Customers Buy More If They Feel Safe When Buying From Your Web Site

11/16   Financial Post: Hacker attacks against publicly listed companies jumped 50% in 2011

11/16   Network World: Do smaller businesses think they're immune to security threats?

11/14   Network World: Symantec's cloud-based security service supports Microsoft Lync

11/11   Open Channel: Digital evidence becoming central in criminal cases

11/10   Virtual Strategy Magazine: The Time Has Come for SMB Virtualization

11/08   Financial Times: E-discovery: Manage your data wisely – regulators now have teeth

11/07   eWeek: Symantec CEO Salem: Creating a Top Data Management Player

11/07   eWeek: Symantec O3 Focuses on the Cloud

11/02   Washington Post: Mystery code spreads, but is it ‘son of Stuxnet’?

11/01   GCN: Chemical industry targeted by cyber spy attacks

11/01   Reuters: Microsoft software bug linked to "Duqu" virus

11/01   CBR: HD Supply deploys Symantec's clustering, storage management software

10/31   Reuters: New cyber attack targets chemical firms: Symantec

10/31   SF Gate: Hackers Hit Chemical Makers in 'Nitro' Attack, Symantec Says

10/31   CNet: Symantec uncovers cyber espionage of chemical, defense firms

10/21   CIO Insight: eDiscovery Disasters: What Every CIO Needs to Know

10/21   Fox Small Business: The Latest Data Scam: Is Your Business Prepared?

10/19   Tech Web: Symantec Improves NAS Appliance

10/19   The New York Times: Creators of Stuxnet computer worm may be active again

10/17   Wall Street Journal: They Won. And Then What?

10/17   Wall Street Journal: System Security Needs to Get Smarter

10/14   Information Week: Evolving Security Threats: Is Your SMB Ready?

10/14   Spirit Magazine: Stolen Credit Cards

10/14   Network World: Symantec details Android malware threats

10/13   Channel Insider: Symantec Incents Managed Security Services Experts

10/11   Information Week: Android Mobile Malware Fails To Make Money

10/10   Forbes: Symantec Flies Into Cloud And Tablet Security En Route To $22

10/05   Computerworld: Symantec updates flagship storage, high availability suites

10/05   eWeek: Symantec Report

10/04   Reuters: Cloud computing disappoints early adopters-survey

10/04   Info World: Protect iPad data without hobbling users

10/04   Information Week: Symantec Upgrades Storage Management Products

10/04   Information Security Today: Protecting Mobile Data: When Is Enough, Enough?

9/28   Forbes: Managing Information Risk and Archiving Social Media

9/27   Info Security Magazine: Symantec reports polymorphic malware soaring to 72% during September

9/23   Med Health World: Symantec Releases Infographic on 'Five Rights of Data Administration'

09/19   Law.com: Symantec: Files, Databases Overtake E-Mail in E-Discovery

09/14   CIO: Symantec cloud-based service seeks out 'rogue certificates'

09/07   Reuters: Global cybercrimes cost $114 billion annually: Symantec

09/07   ComputerWorld: Hands on: Norton Internet Security 2012 adds performance features

09/03   The New York Times: Want to Lead? Ask Tennyson and Shakespeare

09/02   Fox Small Business: Is Your Data Safe from a Natural Disaster?

09/01   ACC Docket: Implementing an Effective and Defensible Legal Hold Workflow

09/01   CNBC: Top Threat for Corporate America

09/01   SearchSecurity.com: 2011 Information Security magazine Readers’ Choice Awards: Best mobile data security products 2011

08/31   eWeek: Hackers, Mobile, Social Media Making IT Security a Challenge

08/31   CRN: VMworld: Symantec Enhances VMware Integration, Intros Hardware Appliances

08/31   eWeek: Symantec, VMware Pledge Secure Desktop-as-a-Service Offering

08/26   Network World: Small businesses fail to address data risks in server virtualization

08/24   CRN: Many SMBs Struggling With Virtualization: Survey

08/09   Virtual-Strategy Magazine: Ensuring Application Availability in a Virtual Environment

08/07   USA Today: Your smartphone: a new frontier for hackers

08/04   Virtual-Strategy Magazine: Analysis: The Future of IT is Clearly the Cloud

08/03   Boston Globe: Firms enlist smartphones to provide cyber security

07/28   Baseline: Mobile Stretches Network Security

07/27   TheStreet.com: Symantec Shines on Security Fears

07/25  USA Today: How to be small but look big in business

07/25  TheStreet.com: Rating Hacker Threats -- the Disruptors

07/21  eSecurityPlanet: eSecurityPlanet, Review: Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1

07/11  Wired: How Digital Detectives Deciphered Stuxnet, the Most Menacing Malware in History

07/05  InformationWeek: Smartphone Security Smackdown: iPhone Vs. Android

07/05  Virtualization Journal: Ensuring Application Availability in a Virtual Environment

07/05  InformationWeek: End-User Security: SMBs Prefer Invisibility

07/03  Cloud Times: Cloud Vendors to Watch

06/29  InfoSecurity Magazine: Spam levels falling steadily says Symantec

06/28  InfoSecurity Magazine: Symantec: Google Android has a number of security strengths

06/28  Network World: Symantec finds big differences in iOS, Android security

06/28  Enterprise Systems Journal: Best Practices for Securing Private Keys and Code-Signing Certificates

06/23  Network World: Securing mobile devices requires enterprise and service provider controls

06/17  New York Times: Deploying New Tools to Stop the Hackers

06/16  Big Fat Finance Blog: Private/Hybrid Cloud Expectations and Reality Gap Revealed

06/13  Network World: Survey finds many disappointed in virtualization, cloud computing

06/13  CIO Advice: Approach Cloud like a New Car Purchase

06/01  Computerworld: Defensible Disposal

06/01  Mobile Enterprise: Holistic Mobile Security: Protection on Every Side

05/27  Fox Business Small Business: Trust Seals: Good for Business or Waste of Money?

05/12  CRN: 20 Scenes From Symantec Vision 2011

05/11  Wall Street Journal: Facebook Security Flaw Exposed User Accounts

05/05  Washington Post: Cloud computing: How secure is your data?

05/03  InformationWeek: Symantec Refreshes Backup Exec For SMBs

04/27  Network World: Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure From the Next Stuxnet

04/18  SmallBizTechnology: Top 12 IT Mistakes Most Small Companies Make. Are You Making These?

04/07  CIO Insight: Security Slideshow: Internet Security Threat Report: Mobile Attacks on the Rise

04/05  Reuters: Targeted cyber attacks to rise further – Symantec

04/05  CSO: Symantec: 2010 saw three million malware attacks

04/05  TheStreet: Symantec Reports Rise of Malware in Mobile

03/30  GSN: Attack toolkits are on the rise

03/30  CRN: 2011 Partner Program Guide: 5-Star Programs (Part 2)

03/30  Bloomberg News: Kocher, DeSouza on NSA Probe of Nasdaq Hacker Attack

03/22  Baseline: Assessing the Costs of Data Breaches

03/17  InfoWorld: Symantec's Salem: Cloud was game-changer for us

03/16  Computerworld: Symantec to release end-to-end cloud management software

03/02  Network World: Healthcare provider prescribes major data-loss prevention program

02/18  Fast Company: Scare Tactics: Norton's Cybercrime Index Tracks Internet Dangers in Real-time, Frightens Old Folks

02/18  CRN: 2011 Channel Chiefs: Alphabetical by Name

02/17  CRN: 25 More Head-Turning Security Products To See At RSA Conference 2011

02/15  InformationWeek: Symantec Intros Endpoint Protection 12

02/15  CNet: Symantec brings reputation security to the enterprise

02/15  SC Magazine: Letting go and keeping control: Beyond the PC and data center

02/13  USA Today: Support from your sweetie is a big help as an entrepreneur

02/11  Information Systems Security: Cyber Attack Toolkits Dominate the Internet Threat Landscape

01/24  CSO: What color is your information risk today?

01/24  CRN: 2011 Need To Know: Security Vendors

01/24  PC World: Antivirus 2011: Digital Defenders

01/20  Network Computing: Symantec Adds VeriSign Services To Protection Center Management platform

01/19  Enterprise Mobile Today: Safeguard Mobile Devices with Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile Edition

01/18  Network World: MPack, NeoSploit and Zeus top most notorious Web attack toolkit

01/18  Enterprise Systems: New Year, New Threats: The Emerging Security Risks of Social Networking

01/17  Network World: Products of the Week 01.17

01/17  SearchServerVirtualization.com: Products of the Year 2010: Backup and storage for virtualization

01/17  InformationWeek: 57% Of SMBs Have No Disaster Recovery Plan


12/17  Dr. Dobb’s: PCI and Encryption

12/15  InfoStor: Symantec provides visibility into unstructured data

12/14  Enterprise Systems: New Year’s Resolution: Put Your Data Center on a Storage Diet in 2011

12/14  eWeek: Symantec Touts DLP Machine Learning Technology

12/13  eWeek: Data Storage: Symantec's Storage Trends for 2011: Virtualization Remains King

12/02  CIO: How To Let Information Guide IT

11/24  CRN: The Top 25 Channel Sales Leaders Of 2010

11/23  InformationWeek: Enterprises Overlook Virtualization, Cloud In Disaster Recovery

11/22  Network World: Ultimate endpoint management tools

11/22  TMCnet.com: VeriSign Seal Achieves Record with More than Half a Billion Views in One Day

11/18  CRN: Who's Who? 10 Hot Authentication Methods

11/16  Network World: Encryption adoption driven by PCI, fear of cyberattacks

11/16  CRN: Symantec Weaves Encryption Into Product Portfolio

11/16  CRN: COMDEXvirtual: Symantec's Salem Emphasizes "People And Information"

11/03  CRN: Symantec's Salem Outlines Impact Of Merging Personal, Business Technology

11/02  Baseline: Scaling to Meet Rapid Growth

10/08  eWeek: Symantec Reveals Encryption Roadmap for PGP, GuardianEdge

10/08  Fox Business Small Business Center: Protecting Small Businesses from Cyber Terrorism

10/05  CNet: Symantec makes push to secure mobile devices

10/05  Network World: 'Political' cyberattacks hit half of large companies

09/27  Wall Street Journal: The Winners, Category by Category

09/27  CNN: Stuxnet: Malware more complex, targeted and dangerous than ever

09/26  Wall Street Journal: Computer Worm Hits Iran Power Plant

09/23  Forbes: Overcoming The Information Disconnect

09/22  PCWorld: Powerful Norton Online Backup Best for Less Volatile Data

09/17  CRN: Symantec Makes Marketing Easier For SMBs

09/08  NY Times: Symantec: Most hacking victims blame themselves

09/08  PC Magazine: Norton AntiVirus 2011

09/08  CRN: Norton Study: 65 Percent Of Internet Users Are Cybercrime Victims

09/07  Computerworld: Symantec releases de-duplication appliance, cloud storage for backup

08/30  eWeek: How to Implement a Successful Data Deduplication Strategy

08/27  CRN: Five Companies That Came To Win This Week

08/26  Forbes: The Top Five Cybersecurity Predictions

08/25  Computer Technology Review: Top 10 Backup Mistakes in Virtual Environment

08/23  CSO: Symantec: A mid-year status check on security predictions

08/05  CRN: 5 Companies That Came To Win This Week

08/05  CIO Insight: When Information Retention Runs Amok

08/03  Network Computing: Symantec Report Chronicles Sloppy Data Retention Practices

07/28  SmallBusinessComputing.com: Endpoint Security for Small Business

07/23  Forbes: Symantec: IT + Finance = Success

07/01  SC Magazine: Symantec Endpoint Protection v11

07/01  Channel Insider: Security: Small Business IT Security Attacks Raising Awareness

06/30  ITWorld: 3 security best practices you should be following (but probably aren't)

06/24  CRN: Symantec Public Sector Boss: Pay Attention To Acquisition Reform

06/23  CSO: Survey: Social networking policies still scarce

06/23  Data Storage Connection: Data Insight Seeks To Answer The Most Basic Data Classification Question Of All: Who Owns The Data?

06/22  ZACKS: Symantec Focus on SMB Market

06/21  BusinessWeek: Symantec NAC: Easy to install, strong on endpoint compliance

06/21  eWeek: Symantec: SMBs Change Security Approach with Growing Threats

06/21  Forbes: Finance And IT: Creating Seamless Integration

06/15  Network World: Children seeking help over cyberbullying

06/10  San Jose Mercury News: Symantec wins HP deal to put security software on PCs

06/07  Web Security Journal: The Growth of Cybercrime

05/27  Network World: Symantec readies Norton security, storage apps for Android, iPhone smartphones

05/19  Good Morning America: Google Admits Wi-Fi Data Collection

05/19  Bloomberg News: Symantec to Buy VeriSign Security for $1.28 Billion

05/18  Wall Street Journal: MarketWatch View: Keep Your Business Safe From Online Criminals

05/18  Education Executive: Easing IT Pain

05/14  Network World: Symantec organizes its security products in suites to address evolving risks

05/12  CSO: An information security blueprint, part 2

05/10  CRN: Symantec’s Enterprise Data Lockdown

05/07  Network World: Modern hack attacks are developing a laser focus

05/06  SearchStorage.com: Hospital manages electronic medical records with tiered storage and virtualization

05/04  SC Magazine: LoveBug: A decade of virus detection

05/04  BizReport: Lovebug Virus: 10 years later all is well. Right?

05/03  CSO: An information security blueprint, part 1

05/03  CRN: Symantec To Partners: Time To Get Specialized

04/29  TheStreet.com: Symantec Makes M&A Moves

04/29  eWeek: Symantec to Buy PGP, GuardianEdge for Encryption Technology

04/27  Fox Business: Don't Invite Trouble into the Office

04/20  Reuters: Fake security software still big problem

04/19  CNET: Adobe Reader, IE dominated attacks list in 2009

04/19  Network World: Products of the Week

04/14  eSecurity Planet: Symantec Unveils New Security Apps, Highlights Growing Threats

04/14  Network Computing: Symantec Launches New Defenses Against Targeted Cyber Attacks

04/14  Enterprise Storage Forum: Symantec Expands Thin Provisioning, Partners on Clustered NAS

03/12  Information Systems Security: Assessing and Reducing Information Exposure

03/04  CNet: Symantec exhibit makes cybercrime tangible

03/02  CRN: Symantec’s View Of The Security Landscape

03/02  SC Magazine: Best integrated security solution

03/02  Network Computing: Symantec E-mail Security Appliances Focus On Targeted Attacks, SMB Markets

03/01  SC Magazine: Making the cloud secure and successful

03/01  CNet: Symantec to play host to health care companies

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Below is a sample of some recent company awards. Symantec has also earned numerous awards for specific products, which are listed on the product detail pages for each individual product.
Great Places to Work Institute

Great Place to Work Institute
In 2012, the Great Place to Work Institute named Symantec one of the "Best Companies to Work For" in Mexico. (Source: The Great Places to Work Institute, 3/2012)

FORTUNE Magazine
Recognized as one of FORTUNE Magazine’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” in 2012. (Source: FORTUNE Magazine, 3/2012)

Great Place to Work Institute

Great Place to Work Institute
In both 2010 and 2011, the Great Place to Work Institute named Symantec one of the "Best Companies to Work For" in Brazil. (Source: Computerworld, 7/2011)

Symantec has received the 2011 highest-level award for large-company environmental sustainability from the non-profit environmental education and action organization Acterra: Action for a Healthy Planet. (Source: Acterra, 5/2011)

FORTUNE Magazine
Ranked #382 on the 2010 Fortune 500 list. (Source: FORTUNE Magazine, 5/2011)

Ethisphere Magazine
Recognized as one of 2011 World’s Most Ethical Companies for the Computer Software category. This award recognizes companies that ensure ethical practices remain a top business priority. (Source: Ethisphere Magazine, 3/2012)

San Francisco Business Times
Symantec was #9 on the San Francisco Business Times’ Best Places to Work in the Bay Area list for large companies. (Source: San Francisco Business Times, 4/2010; 2011 rankings expected 4/2011)

Corporate Responsibility Magazine
Recognized as one of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens by Corporate Responsibility Magazine based on environmental impact, climate change, human rights, philanthropy, employee relations, financial performance, and governance. (Source: Corporate Responsibility Magazine, 3/2011)

President’s Management Advisory Board
Symantec CEO Enrique Salem appointed by President Barack Obama to serve on the President’s Management Advisory Board (PMAB). The PMAB was established on April 19, 2010, to provide the President and the President’s Management Council (PMC) advice and recommendations on effective strategies for the implementation of best business practices on matters related to Federal Government management and operation, with a focus on productivity, the application of technology, and customer service. (Source: White House, 3/2011)

CRN 2011 Best Companies to Partner With – Symantec Corp., November 2011
CRN Top 10 Channel Advocates 2011 – Enrique Salem, November 2011

Fortune 500

Fortune 500
Symantec is number 382 on the Fortune 500 list in 2011, considered the definitive list of America's 500 largest companies. Source: FORTUNE Magazine, April 2011

Fortune Most Admired Companies
Fortune Most Admired Companies List is considered the definitive report card on corporate reputation. Symantec ranks #7 in the Computer Software Category. (Source: FORTUNE Magazine, March 2011)

Ethisphere Magazines second-annual listing of the Worlds Most Ethical Companies

Ethisphere Magazine - World's Most Ethical Companies, 2010
In recognition of its commitment to ethical leadership, Symantec was named in Ethisphere Magazine's second-annual listing of the Worlds Most Ethical Companies. (Source: Ethisphere Magazine, 2010)