LiveUpdate Privacy Notice

Effective: August 5, 1999

Last Updated: November 2, 2009

How LiveUpdate works

Symantec LiveUpdate is a "pull" technology, which means that data is not directly sent to Symantec LiveUpdate servers. Instead, LiveUpdate examines your computer to create a list of the currently installed products, and then uses this list to make requests for updates to those installed products. In making requests for updates, the LiveUpdate server creates a server log entry that lists the files that were requested and the IP address from which the request came. If the requested file exists on the LiveUpdate server, it is downloaded from the server by the LiveUpdate client and the server log entry reflects that a successful download occurred. The server log also reflects if the file was not downloaded or if an error occurred during the download of the file. In addition to the name of the file that is being requested, LiveUpdate also includes some identifier information and some computer-specific information in its communication with the server as further described below.

About the data that is collected

LiveUpdate collects general system information from your computer each time LiveUpdate runs, so that you receive the updates that work best with your computer. The information is also used to generate aggregate statistics about how LiveUpdate is used and which systems need support, so that the LiveUpdate client software and the content and patches made available via LiveUpdate can be improved.

This information includes the following:

  • Product name and version information for any installed Symantec software that is requesting updates
  • Computer make and model
  • Version information for the operating system and browser
  • Region and language setting
  • Globally Unique LiveUpdate Identifier (LU ID) and current session identifier
  • LiveUpdate client version and information about how the LiveUpdate session was started
  • Patch file name and error code for any updates that failed to download or install correctly

Your Internet Protocol (IP) address is logged when you connect to a Symantec LiveUpdate server, but it is only used to generate aggregate statistics and is then discarded.

How collected data is used

To generate accurate statistics, LiveUpdate creates a globally unique identifier that is stored on your computer to uniquely identify it (LU ID). The LU ID is created at installation by requesting a Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) from the operating system and then running that GUID through an SHA-1 algorithm to create the LU ID. This method ensures that the LU ID does not contain any information that can be used to identify you.

The LU ID can then be used in the following scenarios:

To provide quality control feedback to Symantec development teams, the number of individual computers that visit the LiveUpdate servers and whether the download and installation of specific updates succeeded or failed is recorded. The LU ID of the computer that attempted the download, the product names that updates were requested for, whether updates were required, and the configuration information listed are recorded.

Symantec also collects information about how often each computer runs LiveUpdate and the environments in which customers typically run LiveUpdate.

Any information stored by Symantec LiveUpdate is maintained in electronically secured database files at physically secure data centers located in the United States, and does not contain any personally identifiable information. Symantec does not aggregate the information stored by LiveUpdate with any data, contact lists, or subscription information that is collected by Symantec for promotional purposes.

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