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Mailbox Management for Domino Users

July 23, 2007


Newly implemented regulatory developments have heightened the importance of messaging security. Symantec's Enterprise Vault for Domino stores, manages, and enables discovery of data within Lotus Domino environments, allowing IT managers to effectively manage resources, data retention and discovery.


In recent years, email management has become an important issue for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). Regulatory developments, coupled with public pressure to demonstrate proactive security measures have heightened the importance of messaging security. IT managers are now expected to efficiently and effectively manage messaging resources as well as retention, and discovery of the messages.

In light of the changes in the IT landscape, many SMBs are looking for ways to implement email archiving solutions. SMBs typically look for archiving software that will allow them to control email storage costs, while giving their employees more user-friendly email storage and search capabilities. These solutions also provide a consistent system for retaining and finding email messages that might be required for legal or regulatory purposes.

A Solution for Domino

While there is no shortage of email archiving solutions on the market that work with Microsoft Exchange, SMBs using Lotus Domino for email have found a lack of compatible management and archiving resources. Until this summer, that is. Symantec has just launched Enterprise Vault for Domino, which stores, manages, and enables discovery of data within Lotus Domino messaging environments.

In many SMBs, archiving has quickly moved beyond a Lotus administrator's pilot project for reducing Domino storage to an integral part of an information lifecycle strategy. Before Enterprise Vault for Domino was available, this required many different types of administrators to manage parts of the messaging system. Now that has changed, and what used to be complex is simple. Here are some more benefits of Enterprise Vault for Domino:
  • Automatic mailbox management: Users enjoy mailboxes of virtually unlimited size while the growth of storage resources is controlled. Email messages and attachments are automatically archived according to administrator-defined policies. Domino is able to focus on handling newer information, while the Enterprise Vault software acts as a long-term repository for older information.
  • Optimized storage: By giving email users a virtual bottomless mailbox using archiving policies based on mailbox quota utilization, attachment size, or actual message age, IT is able to more effectively govern the amount of data in their message store and automatically archive older messages. Eliminating mailbox quotas eliminates the need for .nsf archives, which inevitably take up storage space. Enterprise Vault reduces storage costs by eliminating the need to create and store these files from the beginning. Critical business information from the email system will always be under IT control in a searchable, centralized repository.
  • Theft and disaster protection: Enterprise Vault’s access controls protect the security and privacy of individual email users while allowing authorized users to search across mailboxes. Setting flexible archiving policies within Enterprise Vault will significantly reduce your Domino message store by as much as 90% – a huge savings for any SMB. Enterprise Vault moves email from the Domino server to a secure, central repository that is accessible only by authorized users. This also decreases the amount of Domino data that must be backed up and potentially recovered in the event of failure or disaster. It also reduces the time required to rebuild and reload the information after a disaster, enabling you to get your systems up faster and your company back in business sooner
  • Legal and regulatory compliance: As already mentioned, there has been a recent surge in the number of regulations that require businesses to find, monitor, or produce email, files, and messages for regulatory or legal purposes. Enterprise Vault provides a centralized archive that has the capability of being searched for meeting compliance, investigation, or legal discovery needs. It virtually eliminates the need for IT staff to scour the organization to find stored information.


SMBs using Lotus Domino can now enjoy the same benefits from email archiving that has – until now – only been available for Microsoft Exchange. Enterprise Vault utilizes intelligent classification and retention technologies to capture, categorize, index, and store target data. It also provides real-time performance metrics, reports, and analytics to help ensure that the application and the archive are running as expected. Users will enjoy bottomless mailboxes and easy search capabilities, and IT managers will appreciate the simplified management, reduced storage costs, and IT asset protection that only Enterprise Vault can offer. Enterprise Vault was recently named as the only Leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for E-mail Active-Archiving, 20071 – providing one more reason for SMBs to be confident that they are getting the best solution when they choose Enterprise Vault for Domino.

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