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Deduplication: It’s Everywhere!
Thoughts and Analysis from Carine Clark
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Make no mistake about it: Information is the fundamental connecting fabric of your business. You rely on information technology and systems to run your business, drive new opportunities, increase revenue, and operate efficiently. Yet the volume of information and its continued growth is a challenge for companies of every size, especially for budget-constrained SMBs. During the next four years, IDC estimates that the digital universe will expand by 400 percent; however, IT budgets will expand just 20 percent and IT staffing 10 percent. You can’t keep buying more disk or tape to store and back up this information because information growth continues to outpace IT expenditures for storage.

But there is a solution! It’s called deduplication. By compressing data and storing only changes to the original data, deduplication is about storing data only once. That can help you reduce duplicate data everywhere, cut complexity, and shave IT infrastructure costs.

Most companies have duplicate data in two locations—on their primary storage, where they store common information such as Microsoft Office documents, and in their backup data. With deduplication you can reduce the amount of data you store for backup and recovery by as much as 90 percent. Equally important, this new technology reduces data in remote offices and virtual server environments.

If you are just now considering deduplication—or even if you already have it—you may want to consider a more strategic approach to managing information overload. Put your data storage on a diet. The feature “Backup Leaps Forward!” delves into how you can tackle duplicate information, regardless of its location, with a single solution. This can reduce not only complexity and costs, but deliver more reliable access to the information that drives your business. And that’s a direction you want your business to follow everywhere.


Carine S. Clark
Chief Marketing Officer, Symantec

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