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Symantec Critical System Protection

Leading organizations leverage Symantec Critical System Protection to secure their physical and virtual data centers. Delivering host-based intrusion detection (HIDS) and intrusion prevention (HIPS), Symantec provides a proven and comprehensive solution for server security. Achieve complete protection for VMware vSphere, stop zero-day and targeted attacks, and gain real-time visibility and control into compliance with Symantec Critical System Protection.

New Features

With the latest release of Symantec Critical System Protection, 5.2.9 MP3, a deeper integration with VMware and ease-of-use enhancements, enables organization to easily protect against risks targeted at virtualized environments. Some of the new features include:
Protect and Monitor VMware vSphere: Leverage out-of-the-box policies based on the latest vSphere hardening guidelines, to protect the virtual environment – at the management server, hypervisor and guest. Symantec Critical System Protection is widely scalable with a single management server and console supporting thousands of server agents. In 5.2.9, a single agent can monitor multiple ESXi hypervisors in the virtualized data center.
Updated Management User Interface: Get faster and easy access to the right information. Reduce administrative time and effort across server environments with a simplified UI, including powerful search capabilities and simplified policy management.
Integration with Active Directory: Integrate into your Active Directory service to simplify user authentication to Critical System Protection. You can now log on to the console using your enterprise credentials as well as leverage AD security groups within the Critical System Protection policies.
Memory Control: Combat advanced memory attacks, like reflective DLL injection to address vulnerabilities in older Windows 32-bit platforms.
Expanded Platform Support (New in MP3): Extend support to Windows Server Core 2008/2012, Windows Embedded POSReady7, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3 (32-bit and 64-bit). See Symantec Critical System Protection Platform and Feature Matrix for details.

Key Features

  • File Integrity Monitoring: Identify changes to files in real-time, including who made the change and what changed within the file.
  • Configuration Monitoring: Identify policy violations, suspicious administrators or intruder activity in real-time.
  • Targeted Prevention Policy: Respond to server incursion or compromise immediately with quickly customizable hardening policies.
  • Granular Intrusion Prevention Policies: Protect against zero day threats and restrict the behavior of approved applications even after they are allowed to run with least privilege access controls.
  • File, system and admin lock down: Harden virtual and physical servers to maximize system uptime and avoid ongoing support costs for legacy operating systems.
  • Broad Physical Platform Support: Monitor and protect Windows and non-Windows based platforms including Solaris, Linux, AIX, HP-UX; additionally leverage Virtual Agents for unsupported/less common platforms.
  • Protect and Monitor vSphere: Leveraging out-of-the-box policies based on the latest vSphere hardening guidelines, organizations are able to completely protect their environment – at the management server, hypervisor and guest.
  • Centralized Management: Simplify administration of heterogeneous systems with real-time visibility into events and graphical reporting capabilities.
  • Integration with IT GRC and SIEM Solutions: Supported integration with Symantec Control Compliance Suite for unified assessment and monitoring of infrastructure and information, as well as with Symantec Security Information Manager for advanced incident correlation and management.

Key Benefits

  • Achieve complete protection for vSphere leveraging out-of-the-box policies based on the latest vSphere hardening guidelines.
  • Stop zero-day and targeted attacks on servers with targeted prevention policies.
  • Real-time visibility and control into compliance, in a single real-time monitoring and prevention solution.