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Symantec Disaster Recovery Advisor

Symantec Disaster Recovery Advisor automatically detects and reports on risks in high availability and disaster recovery infrastructure. By scanning systems across the data center to ensure that existing HA/DR plans are applied seamlessly, Disaster Recovery Advisor helps limit the risk of infrastructure and application downtime by ensuring data center recoverability.

Data Sheets

Symantec Disaster Recovery Advisor

Protect your business by automatically detecting data center vulnerabilities while validating your disaster recovery plan.
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White Papers

Top Ten Private Cloud Risks

Understand sources of risks and see specific examples of risk in a private cloud environment.
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Maximizing Business Continuity Success

Understand how causes such as configuration drift come about rendering business continuity plans ineffective and what to do about them.

Disaster Recovery Planning Guide

A comprehensive guide for creating an IT plan that protects your business against unwanted downtime.