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Business Challenge:


Secure and manage Web traffic by filtering Web malware threats, blocking URLs with inappropriate content, and preventing confidential data loss over Web protocols.


  • The web has become the primary vector used by attackers to deliver malware: 90% of breaches involve organized crime targeting corporate information
  • Brand impairment can occur if employees or contractors make inappropriate postings to social networking sites
  • Employees and onsite contractors expose your organization to legal risk by visiting sites with inappropriate content
  • Productivity suffers if employees and contractors exceed reasonable personal use of the web during business hours
Inbound and outbound Web protection.
  • Keep networks and confidential information secure and available
  • Protect networks from external threats such as malware delivered over the Web
  • Enhance Web security and reduce legal exposure by blocking access to restricted sites
  • Scan Internet email and other outbound Web traffic to prevent loss of confidential data
  • Detect and prevent proliferation of botnets to protect users against Web 2.0 Internet page and application threats
  • Choose among on-premises, hosted, and appliance options for Web security and filtering