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Symantec Storage Foundation Basic

Symantec Storage Foundation Basic is a free-license version of Symantec Storage Foundation powered by Veritas, specifically designed for workloads running on single and dual-processor servers — including edge-tier, departmental, and test/development systems. Storage Foundation Basic combines the industry-leading File System and Volume Manager technology, offering a complete solution for heterogeneous online storage management.

Key Features

  • Online storage management system (Windows, Solaris, Linux, HP-UX and AIX) support and broad set of qualified storage devices and arrays.
  • Dynamic multi-pathing enables I/O to be efficiently spread across multiple paths for path failure protection and fast failover(Windows version no longer includes dynamic multi-pathing).
  • Veritas Operations Manager allows centralized management of diverse applications, servers and storage.
  • Thin provisioning enables storage capacity to be over allocated to applications and physical capacity to be consumed only as applications actually write data.

Key Benefits

  • Increase storage utilization across heterogeneous operating systems and storage arrays.
  • Enhance storage I/O path availability and performance and efficiently spread I/O across multiple paths.
  • Increase operational efficiency with comprehensive visibility and centralized management of applications, servers and storage across multiple hosts.
  • Simplify both management and provisioning of storage, while increasing storage utilization, lowering costs and improving operational efficiencies.